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Presidents’ Day 2024—Date, History, and Celebration

por Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated February 05, 2024
All the states in the US observe Presidents’ Day, which is also known as Washington’s Birthday . This event is a national holiday. Typically, federal employees get one day off from work. On the same day, forty-one US states have declared a state holiday, usually known as “Presidents’ Day”, “Washington’s Birthday,” or a variant.

Presidents Day: What Is It?

In the US, the third Monday of February is designated as Presidents’ Day, which is an official government observance. This year, it will be celebrated on February 19th. George Washington who served as the first president of the United States, is honored on this day, officially recognized as “Washington’s Birthday” according to federal legislation, although the Associated Press Stylebook and most magazines and newspapers refer to it as Presidents’ Day.
On February 22, 1732, George Washington was born in Colonia, Virginia. In 1789, when he was 57 years old, he became the first President of the largest and most powerful country in the world. He earned this position by rising through the ranks of the military. In addition to his role as President, During the time of the American Revolution, George Washington was also the commander of the Continental Army, which spanned from 1775 until 1783. In addition, he oversaw the convention that drafted the country’s original Constitution.
mount rushmore
The celebration has informally developed into a chance to pay tribute to the three other presidents of the United States of America whose birthdays fall in the month of February. As an example, Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th, William Henry Harrison was born on February 9th, and Ronald Reagan was born on February 6th. Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday, but not every state will observe it according to congressional or presidential decree. Rather, the laws allow each state to set its holiday schedule.

What Date Is Presidents’ Day 2024?

Every year on the third Monday in February, people celebrate Presidents’ Day. Monday, February 19, 2024, will be Presidents Day.

Presidents Day: How Is It Celebrated?


Across the country, numerous cities host parades that include marching bands, patriotic displays, and historical reenactments. These parades honor the nation’s leaders and frequently highlight different facets of American history.

Discounts and Sales

Retailers frequently take benefit of the extended weekend by providing exclusive deals and discounts for Presidents’ Day. As is customary with holiday sales, a lot of people take advantage of this chance to shop.
presidents day sale
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Activities for Education

Academic institutions can integrate Presidents’ Day into their academic schedules by planning initiatives that provide information to students regarding the historical background and profound importance of the presidency. Talks, assignments, and even events with a theme can fall under this.

Wreath Laying and Ceremonies

In Washington, D.C., and other places, it is common to hold ceremonies and lay wreaths at the graves of former presidents. In remembrance of the nation’s leaders, wreaths are usually placed at these events, which often involve dignitaries and military personnel.

At Work

Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday, but not all establishments are closed. Employees of businesses that are still open on the third weekend of the month often use the time off for short trips or fun activities.
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Presidents Day: What’s Closed?

Being a federal holiday, Presidents’ Day will see the closure of the majority of banks, schools, and other public institutions. There will be no mail delivery for either residential or business purposes on that day due to the closure of the USPS. On this day, trading will also be closed on the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange.
There will be no government offices open. Federal employees who are not required to work also get the day off. Being a Sunday or another public holiday, there will be free street parking and an altered schedule for public transportation. Nonetheless, during service hours, libraries will remain open.
The majority of restaurants and retail establishments, including grocery stores, Walmart, and Target, will be open. To celebrate the holidays, these stores frequently have fantastic sales.
president day

Presidents Day: Is It a Paid Holiday?

Federal government employees in the United States have a paid holiday on Presidents’ Day. The majority of States also observe holidays, so state employees can take the day off and most offices will be closed.
Nonetheless, whether to make it a paid holiday is up to private businesses and organizations. Private employers might offer their staff the day off. Please do not hesitate to contact H.R. or your manager for clarification. Employees may be eligible for holiday premium pay if they work on Presidents’ Day


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