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Where Does Water Go After Drinking?

Man cannot survive without water because it is a source of life. Although the body can last three weeks without water or food, it can't last a week without food. Water is one of the seven essential nutrients of the human body, even though it does not provide heat. Water is also one of the most in-demand nutrients. Water makes up more than half of the human body weight. Younger people have a higher proportion of water in the body. The water proportion in children about one year old is 86%, while the water proportion in adults aged between 20...

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle

September 21, 2021

How Do You Prevent Hair Loss from Hard Water?

Have you ever noticed large amounts of hair on the shower floor on wash day? Or does your hair come off with the comb? Well, there are several causes of hair loss, including genetics. However, the water you use for washing hair is a major contributing factor to hair loss. Washing your hair with hard water may weaken your hair, cause breakage, and eventually hair loss. You may ask, what is hard water? Or how can you identify hard water? This article answers these questions and many more. Read on for more information! What Is Hard Water? Hard water is...

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle

September 19, 2021

Ways to Save Water Throughout a Drought In America

A large portion of the United States is currently in the midst of a severe drought, reaching historic proportions. These temperatures are often hitting the highest levels, gripping half of the US with heat waves and drought. In California alone the situation has reached severe levels unparalleled by historical weather events. As the events continue to unfold, many are left wondering, how can you prepare for a drought in America? In regard to the Colorado, the federal government recently declared the first ever water shortage. This declaration triggered mandatory water cuts for states throughout the Southwest portion of the US....

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle

September 02, 2021

Tips for Maintaining Your Home Water Filtration System

With each day that passes, we see more individuals purchasing home water filtration systems or, at the very least, considering a new unit. Top notch water filtration systems work to eliminate dangerous contaminants, chemicals, total dissolved solids, and much more, which all pose a danger to human health. Water scale may also build up throughout household pipes, common kitchen appliances, faucets, pots, and much more. Without the aid of a filtration system, whether it's an RO unit, or even a water filter pitcher, you could be consuming unsavory levels of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and various pharmaceuticals just to name...

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle

August 18, 2021

College Packing List of Must-Have Items 2021

A new semester is almost here and it can be challenging to be prepared as soon as possible. Do you have all you need before heading back to college? You can go online and find many checklists to help you out but many of these items are useless and will only take up valuable space in your car, your dorm, or your apartment. We are glad you stopped by! We have products we highly recommend and are necessary while not taking up a lot of space. Limited space means both in your car as well as where you will be...

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle

August 13, 2021

Important Health Tip For A Pregnant Woman

When it comes to hottest Hollywood actress, you can’t miss Scarlette Johansson. She sparked rumor several days ago that she is welcoming a new baby in the very near future. It’s said that Scarlette is actually due soon and she is keeping a very low profile. She is an experienced mother already and this new arrival will be her second child. Netizens are according their best wishes to her. Pregnancy can be extremely difficult on a woman's body, especially in terms of hormonal fluctuations. In order to prevent premature labor, or rare birth defects, professionals advise the exclusion of certain...

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle

July 21, 2021

Stay Hydrated With Temperatures Hitting High Record

There are more heat waves now than ever. As a result, more areas are becoming prone to the threat of high temperatures. For instance, southwestern California is currently recording alarmingly high temperatures every day. The areas most affected include Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, and Los Angeles County. The International Meteorological Service projects that Antelope Valley is on the verge of “very dangerous high temperature” over the coming weekend – as high as 113°F or 45°C. That would be the highest temperature level ever recorded for this time of the year in Southern California. Why Is Hydration Important Experts have...

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle

July 21, 2021

Water Vs. Sports Drinks – Which Is Better For An Athlete?

The 2021 NBA Finals is changing locations, going from the Valley of the Sun to the western shores of Lake Michigan. The Phoenix Suns were blown out of Game 3 of the NBA Finals 120-100 by the Milwaukee Bucks Sunday night. Who will win NBA championship 2021. Chris Paul win after 16 NBA seasons of bad luck and has Point God’s time finally come? Asides from the buzz, there is an important message for everyone. If you are interested in getting fitter and maintain good physical condition during work out, you should slow down on other drinks and drink more...

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle

July 12, 2021

5 Summer Drink Recipes That Are Better With Filtered Water

Introduction Summer is here! It’s that beautiful time of the year with more sunshine than ever. Everyone wants to hit the outdoor and enjoy the warm sun with friends and loved ones. We all want to have fun, whether we are on picnics, beach trips, or games. But the only bummer in the summer would be the hotness. While we often resort to water, juices, or sports drinks to keep us hydrated and cool, there are more exciting summer drink options than you may think. This blog offers five exciting summer drink recipes you can make all by yourself. Get...

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle

June 10, 2021

How To Remineralize Water After Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is considered to be the most advanced water filtration technology available on the market today. The precise 0.0001 micron filtration can remove almost all contaminants in water, providing filtered water made up of only water molecules. A reverse osmosis water filter is the most effective way to purify your water. In some regions with worrying water quality, an RO system can be a life-saver. Check here to learn about the best RO systems. Is it really healthy to drink demineralized water? Some of you may be wondering if it's really healthy to drink pure water. We've been told...

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle

May 25, 2021

This Is the Right Amount of Water You Should Take Daily

Water Consumption vs. Energy Levels; Water Consumption vs. Weight Loss; Water Consumption vs. Health Issues; The Perfect Volume of Water; Waterdrop is here to help you drink purified water. Table of Contents Do you know that your body is made up of 60% water? Now you do. Water leaves the body in the form of sweat and urine. So, when you drink water, you are replacing the lost water, and by so, staying hydrated. It is common to see people's curiosity with regards to how much water is ideal for consumption in a day. Interestingly, there is no universal answer to...

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle

August 12, 2020

The Importance of Clean Water in Home

We are all conceptually aware of the importance of clean water in the home, but why is it so important? Waterdrop has information right here. On a conceptual level, everyone understands the importance of clean water. Water is one of the basic things that keeps us alive and keeps us healthy. It's as important to humans, animals, and plants as oxygen. Unfortunately, as public infrastructures have aged, and the quality of water and its delivery has eroded – sometimes literally – people have suffered. Without clean water, everything that consumes or uses that water takes on a level of risk...

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle

July 13, 2020

How to Prepare for Coronavirus? Bottled Water vs. Reverse Osmosis System

RO system beats bottled water to be the favorite option for many families during this pandemic. How come the bottled water is not better than RO? Waterdrop will tell you why. Table of Contents Ever since COVID-19 began spreading through the world, people have become much more conscientious about the steps required to protect against infection. While everyone seems to be talking about social distancing and regularly washing your hands, there is also a high demand for healthy drinking water. Daily necessities have become harder to find on supermarket shelves, and bottled water is no exception. Rationing makes it difficult...

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle

July 12, 2020

Health Benefits of Mineral Water

What are the benefits of mineral water? Does it really matter if I drink mineral water or something else? Waterdrop is here to help you understand the importance of water purification. Table of Contents There is a lot more mineral water does for our body than relieving thirst and cooling our hot bodies. In this article, we will be discussing ten ways mineral water can be beneficial to us health-wise, even more than soda water.  1. It makes the bone healthier. Anyone that drinks mineral water regularly will experience a healthier bone, as well as enhanced immunity against bone diseases like post-menopausal bone...

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle

June 15, 2020

The Benefits of Purified Water

What are the benefits of purified water? Does it really matter if I drink purified water or something else? Waterdrop is here to help you understand the importance of water purification. Table of Contents Water is the basepoint of life on the planet. Humans can survive for quite some time without solid food, but not for nearly as long without water. The same goes for animals and plants. So why is good, clean water so hard to find? Why does it seem that we're constantly hearing about how this type of water is actually bad for you, or that type...

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle

May 28, 2020

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