Waterdrop 2.25-gallon King Tank Gravity Water Filter System, Without Stand

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Two black filters
Two black filters & Two fluoride filters
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  • Key Feature
    • Updated Filtration Material: Compared with others, the Waterdrop King Tank fluoride water filters use activated carbon and resin, which can reduce the fluoride and obviously improve the taste while ensuring water safety.
    • Accessory Upgrade: This product provides you with a free liquid level faucet, which can check the remaining water at a glance. You don't have to worry about the lack of water anymore.
    • Large Capacity: Waterdrop King Tank gravity-fed water purification system is equipped with a 2.25-gallon large capacity. This meets the water needs of a large family, ensuring you get pure water indoors or outdoors.
    • Rugged and Durable Material: Made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, King Tank is wear- and corrosion-resistant. It can withstand a weight of up to 220 pounds and accompany you for a long time.
    • Multi-Scene Applications: The King Tank can be easily installed and used without electricity. When having RV traveling, camping, or at home, you can rest assured of clean, filtered water.
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Model Number
Carbon Filter Capacity
Up to 6,000 gallons/pair
Operating Temperature
40-100°F (4-37°C)
System Capacity
2.25 gallons
Why is the Waterdrop King Tank Stainless Steel Water Filter right for you?
There are several reasons to choose the Waterdrop King Tank water filter system. First, it comes with an advanced metal water level spigot, a standard accessory product you hardly get in other competing products. You can clearly and correctly monitor the water level viewing the position of the red floating ball. The metallic spigot coupled with the metal housing prevents water leakage. The use of plastic spigots, as seen in Berkey and other computing products, puts the system at the risk of water leakage and eventual damage.
Another important reason to buy this gravity water filtration system is the in-depth drawing technique adopted in the manufacturing process. What you get is a naturally-looking filter system with an integrated design with zero joints and resistance against rust. The safety of your drinking water is guaranteed.
Lastly, this portable water filter offers you clean water economically and with maximum convenience. That is why we offer different configuration combinations in our products to meet your individual filtration needs efficiently. Now you can live a healthy life without breaking the bank.
As essential tools for emergency preparedness, you never miss out on safe, pure, and healthy drinking water.

Does the water filter leak where the upper and lower chambers fit together?

When the lower chamber is full and there is water in the upper chamber, water might leak from where the two chambers together. To prevent overflow, it is recommended to empty the lower chamber completely prior to refilling the upper chamber.

What substances does the countertop water filter system reduce?

The filter media adopted in the King Tank house water filter is natural coconut activated carbon, which effectively reduces chlorine and improves taste. You can get up to 98.95% of chlorine reduction. The filter can effectively reduce heavy metals, sediment, rust, soil, and other impurities while improving the odor and taste. However, if there is a need for TDS reduction, feel free to check Waterdrop RO water purifiers.

Can water filter remove the peculiar smell of water?

Yes. The filter media adopted in the King Tank stainless steel water filter is natural coconut activated carbon, which effectively reduces chlorine and improves taste.

How often to replace the water filter?

The two carbon filters can effectively filter up to 6,000 gallons of water. You need to replace the filter once it achieves the maximum filter capacity. The actual replacement time might vary according to the local water quality.

How do I know the level of water filtration?

The complimentary metallic water level spigot would be a great solution. It allows you to determine how much purified water remains without removing the lid or remove the upper chamber to see the remaining water in the lower chamber. You can assess the water level accurately with the red floating ball in the sight glass spigot.

Which scenarios does this stainless steel gravity water filter apply to?

This gravity-fed water filter can be placed in multiple scenarios ensuring you get pure water indoors or outdoors including RV, backyard and comping. It’s the essential tool for emergency preparedness.

What is the model number of the replacement water filters, and where can I find them?

For the white fluoride filter, the model number is PF-2-C, while for the black carbon filter, the filter number is BB9-2. You can find them by searching for the model numbers.

Is there any reason I have a slow initial flow rate?

This may be due to the wrong installation of the carbon filter. You can check this by removing the filters from the system and submerging them into a tall container containing clean water, such as the lower chamber of your filtration system. The filters either sink or float. Floating means the micropores contain trapped air, while sinking signifies complete saturation. Transfer the filter cartridges into clean water and allow them to sink to the bottom before reinstalling them into the system. If you continue to experience a slow flow rate after this, reach out to our Customer Service.

Is the King Tank gravity water filter complicated to install?

King Tank water filter system can be easily set up and install all by yourself without prior plumbing experience. The water filter system requires no electricity to work. All you have to do is install and enjoy clean and pure drinking water at all times, even when there is a flood or snowstorm.

Why is there water in the upper chamber after filtration?

Having one or two inches of water in the upper chamber post-filtration is expected. Since you have gravity filters, the water level in the upper chamber drops and leads to a slower filtering process. This is normal, considering there is less water pressure available to push water through the filter elements.

The TDS levels did not drop after filtration. Is this normal?

This system is not designed to primarily reduce TDS, which is the total amount of mobile charged ions in water. TDS include metals, salts, and minerals, all dissolved in a specific volume of water. Being a gravity-fed water filter system, the filtration process does not eliminate the beneficial materials. It only reduces the harmful materials. You can get a Waterdrop RO water filtration system if you want a filter system that does both.
King Tank Gravity-Fed Water Filter Launched for Outdoor Drinking Water
• Precisely crafted through 18 processes
• 0.8mm thickened stainless steel
• Standard metal liquid level spigot
Monitor Water-Level In Real Time With Visual Spigot
The red floating ball floats with the water level allowing you to monitor the water level in real time. Reminds you to add water in time, without zero risk of overflowing. Unlike competing plastic spigots, our spigots are made of pure copper, ensuring durability and zero leakages. The adoption of only lead-free materials makes every drop safe and relieving.
Flat Surface Treatment Ensures No Leakages
The connection port of the spigot is treated with a flat surface, eliminating the water leakage problems of a curved interface. This improved design makes details more visible and user experience better.
One-Piece Stainless Steel Precision Casting Process
Our King Tank Water Filer System is built to be sturdy and corrosion-resistant, thanks to the thickened stainless steel and an integrated stretching process. You will find no streams, which often harbors dirt and rust, in addition to causing water leakage.
4-Stage High-Efficiency Filtration, Ideal For a Variety Of Outdoor Uses
The filter medium in this system is the natural coconut activated carbon, ensuring a better post-filtration taste, an initial 98% fluorine reduction rate, and a 98.95% residual chlorine reduction rate. It effectively reduces bad taste and odor, rust, sediment, heavy metals, spore cysts, and other harmful substances.
Ultra-Long Lifespan, Zero Consumption, Improved Sustainability
The filter life of the filter is up to 6000 gallons/pair, and 1000 gallons/pair for the defluorination filter. This is same as 53,000 bottles of water. Now you have a safer and more economical source of drinking water.
Easy To Carry With Sleeve Design
Space-saving and sturdy design; easy to carry around.
Product size (inch): 12.5*8.5*20.4
Dimensions after the sleeve: 12.5*8.5*14.2
Stable Flow Rate With Invisible Dust-proof Holes On Lid
The invisible dust-proof hole on the lid prevent dust from entering the tank, and balances the internal pressure to keep the lid unlocked and the flow rate stable. This design makes every detail more visible and appealing.
Multi-Usage Scenarios
The King Tank is designed to meet your fresh water needs no matter where you are – indoor at home, dormitory, and RVs, or outdoor while traveling, camping, fishing.
Comprehensive Accessories Set
  • Lid*1
  • Upper chamber*1
  • Lower chamber*1
  • Carbon filter*2
  • Wrench*1
  • Water level spigot*1
  • Non-slip stand*1(Optional)