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Giant Rats – Another Reason to Get a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated September 06, 2020
Giant rats have the dangerous potentials of infecting waterbodies with harmful parasites. Install a Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System in your home to filter your feedwater before drinking or cooking with it.
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Giant rats are threats to humans.

Giant rats are more threatening and less friendly to the human population. Also known as Nutrias, these huge rodents appear ordinarily harmless at first glance. However, on a closer, scientific look, they are known to spread parasites to water bodies. And when humans proceed to drink or use the water for creation, it leads to severe human infections.
They thrive on these foods and continue to increase in population. For instance, a female nutria can produce 2-3 litters of 15 offspring each, annually. The more the population expands, the bigger the destruction of natural plant and animal habitats caused by these rodents. It doesn't end there – the damage extends to water quality. 
News - The Latest Nutrias Invasion in Texas
News - The Latest Nutrias Invasion in Texas
Considerable damage to the local water supply was reported when at least 20 swamp rats invaded a park in Texas, US. According to scientists, their survival is largely because the inhabitants of this neighborhood are feeding them. This led to the formation of a nutria colony late last year.
The rapid population growth led to serious problems, with many inhabitants reporting invasions in their homes, cars, and even gardens. The invasion also led to a breakdown of the natural ecosystem dynamics by destroying plants and animals' natural habitats in the area.  It also exposes the water bodies and water sources around the area to the parasites and pathogens these rodents are carrying.

What are the implications of giant rats?

Nutrias are known vectors of some pathogens and parasites. When these pathogens find their ways into the water body, such water becomes contaminated and unfit for drinking or cooking. But the more disturbing problem is that it is almost impossible to detect the presence of these pathogens in the infected water before it is used for any household application.
Using such water comes with a wide range of health risks for both you and your pets. The bacterial infection symptoms include tuberculosis, septicemia, and tularemia. The parasitic infections come with symptoms like weight loss, pain, and fever.
What are the implications of giant rats?

How do you protect yourself and your household?

The first towards protection is to ensure that you and your household do not drink or use this infected water for domestic purposes like cooking and others. But this is difficult because it is difficult to determine if the water is contaminated or not. Even if you discover that the water is contaminated and decide not to use, what is your alternative?
The right way to avoid all these problems is to filter your feed water directly from the source before deploying it for any domestic use. Filtering your water correctly will remove all contaminants, including the bacteria and parasites, leaving you with clean, filtered, and safe drinking and cooking water for your household.
That said, there are different ways of filtering your water. But one of the most effective yet simple options out there is the use of Reverse Osmosis systems. Reverse osmosis is an excellent method of getting purified drinking water that relies on a semi-permeable membrane to filter out impurities from source water.  Reverse Osmosis systems are known for their 99.99% efficiency in removing a wide range of contaminants, such as chlorine and fluorine, heavy metals parasites, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), herbicides, and pesticides.
Reverse Osmosis systems also improve water taste by filtering off salts line nitrates, sulfates, and others. Your filtered water is also free of dirt, sediments, and rust.
How do you protect yourself and your household?

Our Reverse Osmosis Water System Recommendation

The water purification industry has a couple of big players. One of them – and our recommendation – is Waterdrop. Over the years, Waterdrop has cemented its spot as one of the most trusted reverse osmosis system manufacturers in the industry. Waterdrop has a wide range of reverse osmosis filtration systems models to its name.
If you are looking for reasons to choose the reverse osmosis water filtration systems from Waterdrop over other market options, we have some for you:
  • Waterdrop RO filtration systems' filtration process relies on advanced filter media to effectively and efficiently remove harmful contaminants and unwanted components from your water while delivering the filtered water at a fast, steady rate.
  • The G3 RO system from Waterdrop has the necessary NSF certifications, which confirms the use of the best standard and safe materials in the manufacturing.
  • Waterdrop RO systems usually sport a smart design that relies on technology to deliver better user experience.
  • Waterdrop RO systems offer extended lifespan in most cases.
  • The replacement filters and membranes are readily available online. It is also straightforward to replace them.
  • Waterdrop RO water filtration systems come with excellent service assurance, including a money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.
  • Although these systems come in different models, the price points usually make them great values for money.
Our Reverse Osmosis Water System Recommendation
Rodents are big threats to water purity for humans. While it is becoming increasingly difficult to control these rodents, we can ensure that the water that gets into our household is free of harmful contaminants and fit for household applications.
Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems are designed to remove contaminants from feed water with maximum efficiency and convenience, leaving you with clean filtered water at all times. All you have to do is set a budget and shop for a model that falls within these price points.
Remember, the health of you and your household depend on the quality of the water you consume. So, keep your water clean and safe for use at all times.


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