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The Waterdrop 800GPD Remineralization RO System Guarantees Safe and Quality Drinking Water

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated December 08, 2022
The Waterdrop line of products comprises top-quality and high-performing water filter systems, including the Waterdrop G3P800 Reverse Osmosis System. This water filter system has unsurprisingly become the favorite in thousands of American households. Homeowners who bought the 800GPD remineralization RO system with UV sterilizing light have high praise for the product. One of these homeowners has the following to say about the Waterdrop G3P800.
The customer bought the Waterdrop 800 GPD Tankless RO System with UV Sterilizing Light and Smart Faucet, also called the G3P800, with its inbuilt remineralization filter. The goal of the purchase was to replace their existing traditional RO system, making their drinking water to be safe and great-tasting, and the system did not disappoint.
According to him, “families moving from the traditional RO systems to the Waterdrop G3P800 can expect a significant upgrade”. Compared to tanked RO water filters with remineralization filters and even the 400GPD RO system from Waterdrop, the G3P800 offers an improved user experience and filtered water quality.
He also commended the fact that the filter is easy to replace, and users do not have to reach out to the company to get replacement filter units. Another highlight of this water filter system for him is its capability to save water. There is also a UV light that further sterilizes the filtered water, removing the need for boiling.
installation of waterdrop g3p800 reverse osmosis system

Why Choose The Waterdrop 800 GPD RO System?

Here are a few pros of this reverse osmosis water filter unit, as highlighted by the customer;

The Remineralization Filter Improves The Taste

“Water tastes ones of the best we have ever tasted, probably remineralization adds that taste.”
As the customer rightly said, the great taste of the filtered water from this reverse osmosis water filter system is indeed due to the remineralization filter. The filtered water undergoes remineralization before being released through the faucet. The Waterdrop remineralization filter in this system is powered by PCC technology, which activates the crystal structure of the minerals and stimulates the formation mechanism of mineral springs. This process remineralizes the filtered water with 18 different natural minerals and traces elements such as strontium, magnesium, calcium, and others, leading to an improved taste.

UV Sterilization Removes The Need for Boiling

“UV sterilization has been a great feature as we do not have to boil water.”
It is common to see people boil their water to achieve a more effective filtration result. Fortunately, this customer did not have to experience that when using the Waterdrop 800 GPD filtration system. The inbuilt LED UV sterilizer is powered by an advanced LED chip that removes up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in the feed water. While the mercury-vapor lamp is known to release harmful chemicals and heavy metals, this UV breathing lamp works safely and automatically detects water passage to start working. It also helps conserve energy and can last up to 50 years of everyday use.

Significantly Low Drain Ratio

“Water usage to wastage is 3:1 which is certainly better than 1:1 or 1:2 or even 1:3 for certain traditional RO systems.”
The Waterdrop G3P800 is more efficient than most traditional RO systems out there. The reduced water wastage in this system is made possible by the innovative water recycling technology of Waterdrop. This low drain ratio makes the system environment-friendly and green lifestyle compliant. It also helps to reduce the water bills of the customer significantly.

Filter Replacement Is Simple and Quick

“Ease of changing filters is one of the simplest DIY tasks and probably fastest and doesn’t need involvement of water system companies as in traditional RO systems.”
After paying a huge amount to buy a water filter system, most homeowners also pay for a technician to install the system. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Waterdrop 800 GPD Tankless RO System. The filters are easy to change and readily accessible for purchase. There is no requirement for prior plumbing experience to install this water filter unit or replace the filters; the replacement takes only a few minutes.

Real-time Filter Life Monitoring

“The tankless RO system G3P800 is equipped with a smart faucet, by which you can get the TDS level and water quality at a glance.”
The Waterdrop G3P800 is equipped with a TDS display on the faucet, which ensures users can see the current state of the filter and the filtered water. The filter life indicator on the smart faucet is also easy to use and improves the overall user experience. Now you can track the TDS value and filter lifespan in real-time, as well as water quality and replacement dates.

Space-saving Design Due to The Absence of a Tank

“The tankless RO system has a large capacity but a small size. It saves more under-sink space. The installation and replacement are also very easy.”
The customer has experienced one of the downsides of having the traditional RO systems with tanks: the need for a ridiculous amount of undersink space. However, this modern tankless reverse osmosis water filter system is designed to filter water on request, eliminating the need for a tank. This, in turn, helps to save a good amount of cabinet space. It also makes the entire setup clean and attractive to the eyes. The small size of this tankless RO system takes nothing away from its filtration capacity. The stylish look perfectly complements their indoor space and ensures they get filtered drinking water without waiting on request.

The Waterdrop 800 GPD RO System Is Not Perfect

The customer also highlighted a few cons of the Waterdrop G3P800 based on his experience.

No Power Means No Water

“Since this is a tankless RO system, water is unavailable in case there is no power.”
The absence of an undersink tank means the G3P800 cannot store filtered water for future use. Therefore, the system must be running before the customer can get filtered water for drinking, and this may be impossible during blackouts.

No Filter Life Indication for The Remineralization Filter

“There is no active filter life indication for remineralization filter.”
The smart display on the faucet offers information on different aspects of the performance and usage of the G3P800. However, it has no information about the filter life of the remineralization filter.

To Round Up...

Based on the review of this customer, the pros of the Waterdrop 800 GPD RO System clearly outnumber and outweigh its cons. The system delivers a best-in-class reverse osmosis water filter system with an inbuilt RO filter and LED UV sterilizer that effectively remove most impurities in your tap water, including bacteria and viruses. There is also a remineralization filter specially designed to re-add the essential minerals the filtration process might have removed from the filtered water. All of these contribute to the premium taste and improved quality of the filtered water from this water filter system.
Overall, you can expect the best user experience from this reverse osmosis filter system, both for you and your household.


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