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What Is the Best Water Dispenser for a Refrigerator?

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated June 02, 2022
Studies show that drinking cold water lowers the body’s core temperature. Therefore, drinking cold water during exercise prevents your body from overheating. Also, people who drink cold water reduce their bodies’ consumption by 50% compared to those that drink warm water. Check to learn more about Stay Hydrated With Temperatures Hitting High Record.

What Are the Types of Refrigerator Water Dispensers?

New refrigerators go with water filters. And there are two types of refrigerators - the interior dispenser and the exterior filter. A new fridge is an investment you can rely on for many years. In addition, choosing the type of water dispenser that comes equipped with the refrigerator is crucial. Nevertheless, choosing between interior and external dispensers is wholly based on personal preference.

About the Interior Refrigerator Water Filter

Interior dispensers fit discreetly on the refrigerator wall instead of in the door. They are usually located with the ice maker inside the freezer.
Although opening the fridge door for access every time isn’t convenient, the dispenser’s position in the fridge prevents water spills on the refrigerator's surface. Therefore, hard-to-clean water stains are non-existent.
Besides keeping your fridge’ outside clean, interior water dispensers have other key features - the ice maker frees up more space in the fridge compartment. In addition, the water dispenser provides a clean aesthetic and solid refrigerator front, and it fills large containers with water or ice due to the space restrictions.

About Exterior Refrigerator Water Filter

Unlike interior dispensers, exterior water filters are located directly on the fridge's door. Therefore, they are very convenient for getting water or ice in your home.
Besides convenience, many refrigerators with external water filters include modern features like a second ice maker, providing maximum user experience. Although exterior dispensers may not have the most seamless looks, many brands relocate the ice maker from the refrigerator compartment to inside the door, maximizing fridge capacity.
In addition to these features, other key characteristics of external water dispensers include outside access that retains cold temperatures in the freezer and refrigerator, easy access and simple functionality, and more energy efficiency than an interior dispenser.

Working Principle of Refrigerator Water Dispensers

Refrigerators have automatic ice makers, and the external water dispenser mounted in the door taps into a cold water supply pipe somewhere around the vicinity of the fridge.
The connection is made through a small copper or plastic supply tube regardless of where the piping is located. For example, it could be under the door, in the wall, or several feet away in the kitchen. One end of the tube is connected to a cold water pipe through a shut-off valve fixture, and the other end is connected to a water fitting at the back of the refrigerator. The shut-off valve is essential because it allows the water tube to shut off whenever the refrigerator needs servicing or replacement.
The internal plumbing first transports the water to a small water filter for screening inside the refrigerator. Then, after particles and other primary contaminants are screened out, the plumbing transports the water to an automatic ice maker and the door-mounted water dispenser.

What Are The Advantages of Refrigerator Water Dispenser?


Refrigerator water dispensers are lifesavers. You can easily get nice, cold water by pushing a simple lever. Consequently, your daily life becomes much simpler and more pleasant. Investing in a refrigerator water dispenser is ideal for people who consume a lot of water. In addition, these dispensers conserve energy, and they are particularly suitable for people always on the go.

Improved Water Quality

Refrigerator water filters have highly efficient filters that filter out lead, mercury, and other contaminants. Therefore, if protecting your well-being is your goal, this water dispenser is great.

Compact Size

Although several water filters are available in the market, most of them take up space. However, buying a fridge with door-mounted water and an ice dispenser saves you space. You can then get rid of jugs and water cooler and use the area for something else.

Consistent Cold Water Provision

A refrigerator primarily produces cold water. Studies show that drinking cold water boosts your metabolism, helping you burn up to 70 extra calories per day, thus aiding weight loss. The impact of hot water and cold water on the body focuses more on hygiene than temperature.

What Are The Disadvantages of A Refrigerator Water Dispenser

There is always a disadvantage to an advantage. And unfortunately, the refrigerator water dispenser is not left out.

Extra Cost

The automatic ice makers and water dispensers increase the cost of the refrigerator by at least $200. And the fridge further costs more with the addition of sparkling or hot water options. In addition, the operating costs are higher, costing at least $25 per annum for extra electricity and between $50 and $100 per year for replacement filters. In addition, because the refrigerator is hard to install for DIYers, you may need to hire a plumber to make the water hookups.

Extra Maintenance

Furthermore, refrigerators with water and ice dispensers need extra user maintenance. Except you change the filters often, the water and ice will lose their fresh tastes. Also, some homeowners discovered that occasionally shutting off the refrigerator and thawing the water lines is necessary if they become frozen.

Constant Repair

Another disadvantage of the refrigerator water dispenser is that they tend to break down often. Therefore, you will have to spend on repair bills from time to time. If you own one of these refrigerators, it is best to invest in an appliance repair service contract which will most likely pay for itself if the service plan is good.

Bad Filtration Performance

Furthermore, suppose your water supply has a bad taste. The fairly basic filtration system that the refrigerator brings to the table may not improve the water taste, leaving you disappointed. In addition, refrigerator filters have a simple single-stage filtration that does not improve water taste like the multi-stage under sink filtration systems. Therefore, you may need additional filtration and sometimes a whole-house system to get good-tasting and good-smelling drinking water.

Storage Reduction

Finally, refrigerators with ice and water dispensers have reduced storage capacity. This is because the mechanism fits into an extra thick door that infringes on the freezer space or fridge compartment.

How Do You Solve Refrigerator Water Dispenser Problems?

The Waterdrop 20-Cup Water Filter Dispenser with Bamboo Stand

A simple fix to the above problems includes settling a water dispenser in your refrigerator. The filter’s push and pull design allows you to obtain clear water with reduced contaminants and improved taste easily. In addition, the filter’s anti-slip design promotes safety, and its maximum water level line removes worries about leakage.

NSF Certified

The Waterdrop water filter dispenser with bamboo stand is a multi-stage water filter that reduces water contaminants like fluoride and arsenic with its filtration technology. In addition, this filter is NSF 42 and NSF 372 certified.

Large Capacity and Long Life Service

The water dispenser has a large capacity of 20 cups, satisfying the water needs of several people. Yet, the filter fits in most fridges, ensuring that everyone enjoys cool and fresh water. The filter provides clean filtered water with a service life of 200 gallons or two months.

Smart Filter Life Indicator

Furthermore, the Waterdrop water filter pitcher has a smart LED filter life indicator that monitors water quality. This indicator is on the top of the lid and is a visible reminder of when the filter needs replacement.
If you want a smaller-sized water dispenser for your refrigerator, please check here.


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