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World Water Day 2024 - How Will You Celebrate?

por Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated March 11, 2024

What is World Water Day?

March 22nd is a global UN observance day to raise awareness of the value of freshwater. The objective of this day is to promote actions aimed at resolving the worldwide water crisis and to raise awareness about the 2.2 billion people who lack access to potable water.
In order to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 , which intends to provide sanitation and access to clean water for all by 2030, one of World Water Day’s main goals is to support this goal. To this day, organizations, governments, and other stakeholders around the world are still involved in recognizing and addressing the critical role that water has in ecosystems, agriculture, health, and economies.


UNCED announced the observation of Water Day. The conference was conducted in Rio de Janeiro a city in Brazil, in June 1992. At this conference, Agenda 21, a plan of action to address how humans influence the environment, recommended commemorating water on a global scale. The UN General Assembly in response to this suggestion, passed a resolution A/RES/47/193 on December 22, 1992, formally announcing March 22 to be “World Day for Water,” and observed annually.
Beginning with its inaugural celebration in 1993, World Water Day has expanded in both recognition and reach throughout the years. The day promotes the responsible handling of freshwater resources and emphasizes the vital importance of fresh water. World Water Day is an event observed annually promoting water-related issues awareness and mobilizing people to act against the world’s water crises.
world water day
The foundation of World Water Day is its evolution through subsequent landmarks, such as the 2005 start of the “Water for Life Decade” , which aims to raise awareness of the UN’s water-centric programs and emphasize the significance of women in water conservation activities (2005-15). Two other notable events that demonstrate the ongoing commitment to addressing water and sanitation issues as crucial elements for ensuring environmental sustainability, reducing poverty, and fostering economic growth are the “International Decade for Action” (Water for Sustainable Development) (2018–28) and the “International Year of Cooperation in the Water Sphere” (2013).

2024 Theme: Water for Peace

In 2024, World Water Day will have the theme “Water for Peace,” highlighting the critical role that water management plays in promoting stability and peace. While competition for scarce resources, especially water, may increase tensions within nations and communities, fair water management can also act as a peacemaker. Cooperation is more important than ever in order to safeguard and conserve our limited water supplies as the effects of climate change and population growth become more severe.

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water pouring in little girl’s hands
By bringing attention to important water-related issues, World Water Day’s engaging initiatives and awareness campaigns have a significant impact. Its extensive social media reach sparks discussion and increases awareness around the world. Especially, hashtags like #Water2me and #WorldWaterDay effectively combine public engagement and celebrity endorsement to spread awareness of the importance of water across national boundaries.
Additionally, by encouraging stakeholders from the commercial, healthcare, educational, and other vital sectors to adopt sustainable practices and technologies, these campaigns serve as a catalyst, bringing about real changes. Fighting the water crisis and promoting environmental stewardship are the objectives.
World Water Day emphasizes the critical role that water plays in ensuring food security, even beyond the immediate health and sanitation benefits. The fact that efficient use of water in agriculture greatly exceeds the needs for personal consumption highlights how urgent it is to maximize water productivity in order to reduce malnutrition and improve the quality of food. Water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions are critical given the severe consequences of unsanitary water that can result in malnutrition, regardless of food intake.
In general, World Water Day has two main effects: it increases awareness of the value of water and motivates people to take action by focusing on education and enhancing infrastructure to directly improve health, nutrition, and sustainability. This links small actions that each of us can take on different scales to improve the management of water resources globally.


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