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Early Water Filter Deals for Black Friday 2022

por Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated November 13, 2022
The 2022 Black Friday is fast approaching. The year’s biggest shopping buzz will go live by midnight EST on November 25. And you don’t want to pass up on these early deals.
Black Friday is a great time to buy a water purifier. Considering how important healthy water is to our everyday lifestyle, every home deserves the right water filtration solution without breaking the bank. This is why we are saving you the time and hard work of looking for the best offers.
You do not have to worry about the quality or pricing of these recommendations. Our experts have researched the best you can get in the water filter Black Friday sales, and we guarantee a 100% price match from Nov.7 to Nov.28. All you have to do is pick which works best for you.

Waterdrop G3P800 Tankless RO System

$300 off Black Friday Deal

The 800GPD tankless RO system—Waterdrop G3P800 is an upgraded version of G3 and a flagship product of Waterdrop. This model is equipped with new tech LED chip that effectively reduces up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses present in tap water. Unlike the mercury UV sterilizer, the newly adapted LED material in the filter system is safer and more energy-efficient. With the 800 GPD fast flow rate, it only takes 6 seconds for you to fill your cup.
You will hardly find a more advanced RO water purifier than the G3P800 in the market. Now you can enjoy a whopping $300 money off for orders above $1000 from the 14 to 20 of November with much faster delivery than Black Friday deals. From Nov. 21 to Nov. 28, a discount of up to $300 is available for this model. You can never go wrong with this option.

Waterdrop K6 RO Instant Hot Water Dispenser

$268 off Black Friday Deal

The Waterdrop K6 is a reverse osmosis hot water dispenser and a first-to-market water purifier with an inbuilt heating function. This system is a massive upgrade from the traditional RO water purifier. In addition, the Waterdrop K6 provides purified drinking water at several temperatures. Waterdrop Black Friday sale 2022 edition will offer this water dispenser to customers at savings of up to $268, valid from 21 to 28 of November. Want to enjoy the price earlier? Try the exclusive discount code: WDBL.

Waterdrop G3 RO Water Filter System

Save $100 for the 2022 Black Friday Sale

Waterdrop G3 RO system is a star product of Waterdrop. The system is the first choice for over 2,000,000 American families. In addition, due to its smart and outstanding design, the G3 RO system is widely praised on social media and by users. This reverse osmosis system is built with a smart display faucet. So you can enjoy an improved water-using experience and a convenient lifestyle.
From 14 to 20 of November, you can enjoy $100 money off for orders above $500. From Nov. 21 to Nov. 28, a discount of $100 is available for a Waterdrop G3 water filter, which makes this RO system only cost $399.

Waterdrop D6 600GPD RO Water Filter

More than 20% off for Black Friday Deal

The Waterdrop D6 RO water filter system efficiently removes harmful impurities in tap water. This is due to the system’s 5-in-1 composite RO filter and a 0.0001μm RO membrane.
With the Waterdrop D6 RO water filter system, nothing stops you from enjoying healthy and great-tasting water from a single filter. You can now worry less about buying and replacing many filters in the future. The machine also comes with an advanced automatic flushing function and an anti-leak protection system. From Nov. 21 to Nov. 28, the Waterdrop D6 under sink RO system is available at $299—more than 20% off the regular price of $379. Grab yours now at the Waterdrop official website.

Waterdrop K19 Countertop RO Water Filter System

Save $120 During Black Friday Sale

Unlike traditional RO systems, the countertop RO system combines the portability of countertop water filters and the RO system’s excellent filtration performance. Consequently, this combination provides a more satisfying water purification effect.
The countertop RO water filter system requires no plumbing or installation and can be directly used after being powered on. You can put Waterdrop K19 in a living room, a bedroom, an RV, or other places wherever you want to go.
With a drain water recycling technology, water filter system K19 produces only 1 cup of wastewater for dispensing 3 cups of pure water. From now till Nov. 28, Waterdrop K19 countertop RO system costs only $279, saving $120 in total.

Waterdrop Ultrafiltration Under Sink Water Filter System

Enjoy nearly 25% off

This ultrafiltration water filter system has multi-stage filters backed by a smart filter life-indicating system. The prefilters, including activated carbon and polypropylene, help remove the visibly large impurities, such as rust, sediments, and colloids. They also absorb bad odor and taste while removing fluoride and other VOCs present in the water.
After the preliminary filtration is the actual filtration which happens in the UF membrane filters. The 0.01μm pore size of these filters means they can effectively filter off super fine sediments, rust, lead, and even bacteria. So, in the end, you can rest assured of getting safe, clean, and healthy drinking water. From now till Nov. 28, this ultrafiltration under sink water filter system is $44 off its regular price. As a result, this system will only cost you $135.

Waterdrop Under Sink Ultrafiltration Stainless Steel Water Filter

Now available at $151.99

There are many exciting features of this ultrafiltration water filter you will love. First, it is built to be extra durable, with its anti-corrosion and anti-heat capabilities. Second, unlike plastic, this unit will have no problem slotting into an environment where grinding and similar abrasion occur.
There are six layers of premium filtration material in this Waterdrop 3-stage water filter system: the non-woven fabric, the PP filter, the ultrafiltration membrane, and the activated carbon block. The UF membrane has a pore size of 0.01. Therefore, it can reduce bacteria effectively. The activated carbon block and PP cotton deal with the bad odor, chlorine, heavy metals, rust, cyst, chemicals, and large particles in the water.
From now till Nov. 28, you can get this Waterdrop UF Stainless Steel Water Filter for just $151.99, $38 off the $189.99 list price.

Waterdrop 2.25-gallon King Tank Gravity Water Filter System, Without Stand

25% off the regular price

Compared with others, the Waterdrop King Tank fluoride water filters use activated carbon and resin, which can reduce the fluoride and obviously improve the taste while ensuring water safety. Unlike plastic spigots, our system uses pure copper, ensuring durability and zero leakages. In addition, the addition of only lead-free materials ensures that every drop of water is safe and relieving.
Furthermore, the Waterdrop King Tank water filter system is made from thickened stainless steel and has an integrated stretching process. Therefore, the system is sturdy and corrosion-resistant. Currently, the Waterdrop 2.25-gallon King Tank filter goes for $186.75, a 25% discount off its original price of $249. Valid until Nov. 28.

Waterdrop Elfin Water Filter Pitcher

Now Available at $19.99

Pitchers are becoming more popular, with more people comparing bottled water with filtered water. You can enjoy excellent filtration when you get the Waterdrop Elfin Water Filter Pitcher.
The pitcher effectively reduces chlorine, large particles, and foul taste and odor. The elegant and user-friendly design makes it a worthy addition to your countertop. It is NSF 42 and 372 certified for being safe and durable. The faster water flow means you can fill the pitcher in just one minute.
This water filter pitcher is available in five colors. Whichever you end up choosing, you can rest assured of an exciting user experience, including a seamless refilling and pouring of water and fridge compatibility to make your water cold.

Waterdrop FC-06 Stainless Steel Faucet Water Filter

Now available at just $47.99.

Relying on tap water as a drinking water source is unadvisable for any family. The Waterdrop faucet water filter provides your family with safe, healthy, and great-tasting water. The system is designed for bathroom and kitchen use. Furthermore, the system is easy to install, versatile, and easy to use by different users.
The countertop faucet water filtration system provides water in all directions because of its 304 food-grade stainless steel and 360-degree swivel angle function. Furthermore, the system can deliver 320 gallons of water or three months of service life before the filter needs replacement.


Filters are essential to households that prioritize good health. Therefore, we are confident that this post offers helpful direction for your Black Friday 2022 shopping. Nevertheless, remember that these deals are available only for a limited time. So, you must take action now and maximize these fantastic offers.


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