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Outdoor Portable Water Filter Pump

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Key Feature

  • Three layers of carefully selected and tested filter materials efficiently filter up to 99.99% of impurities typically found in well water, as well as natural water sources such as river, lake, and more
  • The adopted Tritan material, which is both BPA-free and lead-free, ensures no secondary pollution to your filtered water.
  • The travel water filter resists compression and fall-off, meaning it won't be crushed easily. The durability of the filter indicates the capability of handling more intense usage than other water bottles.
  • Capable of filtering up to 1,320 gallons of water (about 6,800 bottles of water). This ceramic personal portable water filter bottle is well suited to meet various water demands.

Outdoor Portable Water Filter Pump

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Outdoor Portable Water Filter Pump

Model Number
Filtration capacity
Up to 1320 gallons
Ideal water source
River, stream, lake and rain

Going on an Outdoor Excursion?

When you are miles away from the urban, everyday essentials, like potable water, are often in short supply. You can opt for bringing dozens of water bottles with you, but it would be impractical and expensive.
A much more efficient alternative is to make use of readily available water sources you will find along your way throughout the great outdoors. Of course, it’s important to purify the water first to ensure it is safe for human consumption. The Waterdrop water filter bottle for travel is a filter that you can easily bring along on your next adventure.

Make sure you always have clean drinking water with the Waterdrop water filter bottle for travel!

Designed to reduce up to 99.99% of harmful substances, heavy metals, bad tastes, and foul odors, this travel water filter provides the luxury of fresh, clean water, wherever your travels take you. This innovative NMC ceramic filter features technology that provides top of the line effectiveness!
Thanks to its compact, lightweight size, this portable water filter bottle is the perfect companion for outdoor adventures such as: fishing trips, camping, backpacking, hiking, and much more. The 2-in-1 functionality of filtering and convenient water storage makes it a great option for traveling, especially when you need to pack light.
Even better, this filtering water bottle is very easy to install and use. There are no moving parts, and the handle features an ergonomic vertical press design that balances your power and allows the pumping of water with a minimal force. With it's up to 1,320 gallon expected service life, it will meet your needs for a long time to come.

Not yet convinced? Here are a few more things you should know about our filter:

✅ Highly durable against impacts
✅ Suitable for both personal and small group use
✅ Performs well even when it's not used for extended periods of time

Don’t take chances with the cleanliness of your water. Add the Waterdrop water filter bottle for travel to your cart today!

What is the capacity of this water filter bottle?

The water filter bottle can filter up to 1,320 gallons of water (about 6,800 bottles of water).

What are the purification water bottle dimensions?

This purification water bottle measures 3 inches wide, and 9.84 inches tall.

Does this water filter bottle for travel utilize BPA-free plastic?

Yes! The adopted BPA-free, lead-free Tritan material is of infant product standard – which is completely safe to use.

What does this filtering water bottle filter?

The carbon fiber filter reduces heavy metals, chemicals, chlorine, odor and improves water taste. The NMC ceramic filter, also known as Nano Metal Clusters, efficiently reduces soluble heavy metal ions such as lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, chlorine, and other various impurities. Our water filter bottle has a filtration accuracy of 0.1 micron, which effectively reduces rust, suspended solids, and other harmful bacteria that may be life threatening.

What does a filtered water bottle do?

Access to clean water may be limited when you’re exploring the great outdoors. Whether you’re spending a weekend in the wilderness with your friends, or backpacking through the countryside, it may be difficult to secure safe, potable drinking water when you’re hours away from the nearest convenience store. This filtered water bottle can filter natural water immediately, featuring three layers of carefully selected, tested filter materials (capable of filtering up to 99.99% impurities). Utilize natural water sources with confidence, by filtering river, lake, well water, and more.

Would this safely filter river water?

Yes! This product can filter any kind of natural water source, including river, stream, lake, and even rain. Three layers of carefully selected, and tested filter materials efficiently filter up to 99.99% impurities commonly found in river, lake, well water, and other natural water sources.

How do I clean my Waterdrop water bottle with filter for travel?

You should clean the ceramic filter when output water flow begins to decrease significantly, as sediment will begin to buildup on the filter. DO NOT use any detergent or soap to clean it. Instead, begin by removing the filter sleeve to wipe it with a piece of cleaning sandpaper (included).

Do I need to flush the filter before I use it for the first time?

Yes. Please discard two bottles of water in order to sufficiently flush the surface materials before initial use.
Directly filter nature water source
Reduce up to 99.99% of impurities
Infant level ultra-safe product material
Large capacity of up to 6,800 bottles of water
Easy installation
Efficient filtration
Innovative NMC (Nano Metal Clusters) ceramic filter intercepts up to 99.99% of bacteria and reduces heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines, organic chemicals, and other dissolved solids.Active carbon fiber reduces peculiar colors and odors, also improving the overall taste.
Necessity for outdoor activities
This water filter bottle for travel is a must-have product for avid hikers, backpackers, fishing enthusiasts, as well as anyone who appreciates spending time exploring the nature.
Premium filtration technology
Compared to traditional ceramic filters, this ceramic membrane has extended filter life without sacrificing the filtration effect over time – a more cost-effective option.
Long-term usage
Designed to remain strong against impact and other forms of damage, this filtered water bottle is also lightweight. Feel confident bringing it on your challenging outdoor adventures, with a long lifespan that greatly reduces overall costs associated with filter replacements.
Easy to assemble
Fill the bottle from any nature water source.
Put filter in the bottle and tighten the cap.
Connect the straw to the bottle outlet.
Pump to filter the water out – storing the resulting water in a container.
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