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Which Water Filter Pitcher Removes the Most Contaminants?

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated March 19, 2024
Ensuring the safety and purity of our drinking water is crucial in the modern world. There are many different types of water filter pitchers on the market, so it can be difficult to decide which one is the best at efficiently eliminating impurities.
This post is meant for those looking for a pitcher-style water filter—that is, one you can fill straight from the faucet and store in your refrigerator. The simplicity of the use of pitcher-style filters is an advantage. All you need to do is let the filter do its job by filling them from the tap. Additionally, the cost of purchasing them is usually low, and purchasing replacement filters—which are required roughly every two months—is typically easy and cheap.
They have several drawbacks. Because they work on gravity, they are much less effective against a wider variety of pollutants than most undersink water filters or countertop reverse osmosis water filters . Waterdrop, on the other hand, has introduced its cutting-edge electric water filter pitcher . Read on to discover why you ought to select it as your hydration option.
a glass of contaminated water

Why Is Water Quality Important?

Water is not only great for relieving thirst but also extremely important for your body. It not only carries nutrients to your cells but also aids in controlling body temperature. And it is capable of much more. Yet access to clean drinking water is a prerequisite for all of this.
Drinking contaminated water can have a serious negative health effect, making water contamination a serious concern. For this reason, it’s critical to test the quality of your water and purchase a water purifier to shield your family from illness.

Do Water Filter Pitchers Work?

Bad-tasting or smelling tap water is a common complaint. And this is usually where pitchers with built-in filters shine. Certain manufacturers assert their pitchers eliminate impurities, like lead and chlorine.
Filters for the removal of specific substances are certified by two accredited labs: the “ National Sanitation Foundation” (NSF) and the “ International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials” (IAPMO) . Verifying these claims is the only way to be positive about them. Products that have passed certification will display a seal from the testing body.

Waterdrop New Released Electric Water Filter Pitcher Series

waterdrop electric water pitchers

Electric Instant Water Filter Pitcher EDC01 - 98% Chloramine Reduction

Carefully designed to reduce chloramine residues from city disinfection, it reduces residues at a rate of 98%. With its NSF/ANSI 42 & 372 certification, this pitcher efficiently reduces odor, taste, chloramine, and chlorine to produce purer, healthier water.
Take advantage of extended efficacy with a filter that can adjust to your local water conditions or usage patterns, lasting up to 200 gallons (about 757.08 L) or three months. With just one charge, the water filter dispenser’s battery lasts an amazing thirty days.
mega water pitcher filter

Mega Electric Instant Water Filter Pitcher ED04, 200-Gallon

The purpose of this Mega electric water filter pitcher is to satisfy the needs of a wider range of users. With its enormous 27-cup capacity, it can accommodate multiple people’s needs at once and cut down on the number of times you need to refill water, saving you time and effort.
The Mega electric water filter pitcher has proven to be safe to use in damp environments by passing the demanding IPX5 waterproof tests. Made from high-quality, BPA-free materials , it ensures that every droplet of water is pure and safe to drink. With each drink, put your trust in convenience, quality, and safety.
compact water filter

Compact Electric Water Filter Pitcher ED02: 200-Gallon

Specifically designed to fit your refrigerator, this electric water filter pitcher. It doesn’t take up much room, so you can keep your fridge clear and make room for other things.
A third-party lab has tested the electric water filter pitcher to ensure that it reduces PFOA and PFOS and provides high-quality drinking water. The filter’s longer lifespan guarantees continued efficacy and gives you more refreshing moments. For your convenience, this saves energy in addition to time.

Things to Consider When Buying Water Filters

Type and Capacity

If you are buying a pitcher to store filtered water or to filter it while you pour it, make sure to measure it against your countertop or refrigerator. It’s important to think about capacity as well. Will your family use the pitcher for drinking water, or are you looking for one that will provide filtered water for personal use only? Larger households would find it impractical to constantly refill the filter due to lower capacities.

Filter Replacement Frequency

When purchasing water filters, consider the suggested replacement window; if you are the type of person who tends to forget to maintain your equipment, the frequency of replacement could make or break your purchase. Purchasing a water filter pitcher is pointless if you are unable to replace it on a regular basis. For the purpose of preventing bacterial growth, avoiding recontamination, and maintaining filter effectiveness and flow rate, it’s critical to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and perform routine filter changes.
If you use a pitcher-style filter, you should replace it every two months; advanced filters should last around six months. Despite requiring a larger initial outlay, choosing the six-month filters will result in greater long-term cost savings.

What Is Your Budget?

Without taking the budget into account, no purchase decision is complete. The features, kind of filtration, and water capacity of the best water pitchers available online determine their price. Even though purchasing the pitcher is a one-time expense, you also need to budget for yearly maintenance costs and the additional expense of filter replacement.
international certifications

Look for Certification

Looking for an NSF certification mark on the label is one way to learn what a water filter does. The NSF database allows you to look up specific products to find out what your water filter is certified to guard against. The NSF certification attests to a water filter’s ability to remove the pollutants (like chlorine , lead, or mercury) that the manufacturer claims it will remove.

Final Words

Because the problem of contaminated water is so dangerous to health and welfare, it is imperative to have a trustworthy way to purify water in one’s own home. Purchasing a high-quality water purifier is essential if you want to protect yourself from the harmful effects of contaminants in water sources.
When it comes to choosing a premium water filter, Waterdrop is a great option. With its innovative filtration technology, it consistently provides an excellent taste while also guaranteeing the safety and purity of your drinking water. Make Waterdrop your first choice when you need dependable and effective water filtration systems.


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