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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

NSF 58 & 372 Certified*


Tankless Reverse Osmosis System



Water Pitcher with Filter

NSF 42 & 372 Certified*

$23.39  $25.99

Water Faucet Filter

NSF 42 & 372 Certified*

$17.99  $19.99

Water Filter Pitcher, Chubby Blue/ White/ Clear

NSF 42 & 372 Certified*


5-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

NSF 42 & 372 Certified*

$21.99  $23.99

Choose our planet over plastic

Make a difference now,
say no to bottled water.
Water Project


Bring freshwater that is...

socially equitable economically beneficial

Assurance to family health, adoption of innovation, and ability to empower others, Waterdrop > offers me things beyond fresh water.

Grant Bailey, Waterdrop customer

Water tastes fantastic!! My whole family is in love with it.

Caroline McLeod, Waterdrop customer

Waterdrop is definitely a brand with great values, one of my best purchase decisions.

Mary Baldwin, Waterdrop customer

Knowing the fact that I can be part of solution to help the kids in need with clean water is very exciting and inspiring.

Ezra Burnette, Waterdrop customer