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Rice Water: How to Make It and Benefits

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated February 21, 2024

Comprehending Rice Water

Soaking or cooking rice yields a nutrient-rich liquid known as rice water. As a traditional hair and skin remedy, it has been utilized in numerous Asian countries for centuries, as demonstrated by the Yao women of China who kept their long.
Rice water, which is high in antioxidants , amino acids , vitamins B and E, minerals, and inositol , has been widely recognized for its ability to promote healthier, shinier, and more robust hair. This age-old cure is making a comeback as a popular beauty trend on a global scale thanks to its cultural significance and ease of preparation.

Rice Water Preparation Procedure

How to Make Rice Water for Hair and Skin?

Cleaning Procedure

After giving ½ cup of raw rice a good rinse, put it in a bowl and add two to three cups of water. Give it a half hour to soak. Pour the liquid through a strainer into a new bowl.

Process of Fermentation

After completing the washing process, permit the rice water to ferment at room temperature for a maximum of two days before rinsing. Strain it before using it.
rice water fermentation

Boiling Process

Boil ½ cup (two cups recommended) of rice in excess water. After 20 to 30 minutes of boiling, separate the starch-rich water without adding any additional ingredients, such as butter or salt.

Method of Storage

Store the strained rice water in a glass jar with a lid in the refrigerator for up to four days.

How to Use Rice Water for Hair and Skin?


  • Give your hair a good rinse with tap water after shampooing.
  • Wet your hair with rice water and give your scalp and hair a gentle massage.
  • Rinse with warm water minutes after leaving in hair.
  • Strain the rice, if desired, and use it, adding flavor as needed.
rice water serum


  • 1.For optimal results, gently cleanse your face with rice water at least twice per week.
  • 2.To apply, dampen a pad of cotton with rice water for skin and dab it onto your face as toner. Alternatively, use it after cleansing to progressively improve the texture and brightness of your skin.
  • 3.To prevent allergic reactions, perform an allergy patch test prior to regular application. This remedys mildness makes it suitable for all skin types.

Benefits of Rice Water

Rice Water for Face

Rice water is high in antioxidants and amino acids, which may help to minimize the appearance of pores and enhance the texture of the skin overall, in addition to vitamin B and inositol.
clear skin

Softening of the Skin

Compounds in rice water may help retain moisture, strengthening the skin’s barrier-keeping ability and maintaining its softness and suppleness.

Organic Skin Toning

Because of its mild acidity, it can help balance the pH level of the skin , making it a gentle toner that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Treatment for Acne

Rice water’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities might be part of the reason it works so well at preventing acne breakouts and speeding up the healing of pre-existing lesions.

Eczema Treatment

Due to its calming properties, rice water may be useful in minimizing eczema flare-ups’ itching and redness.

Skin Illuminating

There is a belief that rice water has natural ingredients that can prevent the skin from producing melanin, potentially reducing sunspots and hyperpigmentation .
dry skin

Relieving Burns and Inflammation

Rice water’s cooling properties can offer instant ease, and its antioxidants can help damaged skin heal.

Exfoliates and treats dermatitis

Using rice water can effectively combat dryness frequently linked with dermatitis by maintaining a healthier skin barrier. Additionally, its texture helps with mild exfoliation.

Hair Maintenance

It is an excellent rinse for treating a range of hair issues because it contains proteins that aid in the repair of damaged hair, possibly minimizing split ends and breakage.
beautiful skin

Skin Conditions

Rice water has the potential to affect the production of collagen, which is important for preserving the elasticity of the skin, and to partially postpone the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Health of the Scalp

Rice water’s vitamins and minerals can revitalize the scalp, reducing dandruff and promoting the general well-being of hair follicles.

Important Notes

  • Make sure the rice water is at the right temperature for application and filter it before using it to get rid of any particles.
  • Use rice water no more than once or twice a week to prevent too much protein from layering on the hair, which could inhibit hair growth.
  • The smell of fermented rice water can be strong, so you might want to dilute it by mixing it with natural scents or essential oils.
  • Remember that people with sensitive skin may experience discomfort on their scalps after prolonged exposure to rice water.
  • Use the rice water as soon as its prepared or make sure it is stored properly discard any that are left out for longer than is advised to stop the growth of bacteria.


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