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Celebrating Labor Day

por Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated September 07, 2022
Monday, September 5, is Labor Day 2022.
Labor Day is for paying tribute to the achievements and contributions of American workers. This day is usually observed on the first Monday in September.

The History of Labor Day

In the late 19th century, the labor movement created Labor Day, becoming a federal holiday in 1894.
Because there were no regulations regarding employment, employers often took advantage of the situation until workers formed and organized unions. However, before unions were formed, employees worked extraordinarily long hours and often faced discrimination and violence. Even worse, children often worked in dangerous work environments, including mines, factories, warehouses, and railroads.
a electric welder
Working people organized and bargained collectively for better wages and conditions. Eventually, the first Labor Day was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City. Furthermore, in June of 1894, 13 workers died during the Pullman Strike. This led to President Grover Cleveland making reconciling with the labor movement his administration’s top priority. Eventually, he made Labor Day a federal holiday in 1894.

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day celebrates workers and their achievements annually.
For many Americans, Labor Day weekend signifies the end of summer, and the day is usually celebrated with street parades, parties, and athletic events. Many supermarkets and brands also offer discounts during Labor Day, making it a perfect time to stock up before Black Friday. Kindly read further to find out more about Labor Day.
The Uniform Monday Holiday Act of 1968 ensures that holidays would be observed on Mondays, giving federal employees a three-day weekend. This Act was signed into law on June 28, 1968. Consequently, Washinton’s Birthday, Columbus Day, and Memorial Day holidays are observed on Mondays.

How Can You Celebrate Labor Day

Attending a Labor Day Parade or a Music Festival

labor day parade
Unions in many towns still organize Labor Day parades or festivals. These festivals are a great way to enjoy the sunshine while spending your day around people that are also celebrating. You can read event listings in your local newspaper, search online, or ask your neighbors or coworkers about what is happening in your area. If you are not interested in parades, you can check out local music concerts or festivals happening during the weekend.

Hosting a Labor Day Party

Labor day party
You can celebrate Labor Day with friends and family. The party could be a barbecue party, or you can serve food or arrange a potluck. Your guests can also bring dishes too. Furthermore, you can lighten the atmosphere by decorating and playing music. You can also set up outdoor games like croquet, badminton, or cornhole.

Going to a Picnic or Party

having a picnic
You can take up an extended offer from a neighbor, relative, or friend, especially if throwing parties is not your style. But don’t forget to RSVP ahead of time, so the host knows you are attending. You can also offer to bring beer, a dish, or ice to help with the celebration.

Supporting a Work-related Cause that You Believe in

You can get involved and support labor issues. These causes include raising the minimum wage, protecting union rights, fighting for equal pay, and instituting national paid family leave. You can get involved by contacting your state representative and encouraging them to place legislation to make the causes a reality.

Volunteering at a Local Organization

Giving back to the community on your day off from work can be exhilarating. Find out a cause you’re interested in and sign up as a volunteer at a local organization. If you don’t know what you want to do, you can find opportunities on volunteer sites like Volunteer Match or Serve.gov

Dropping off Treats to a Local Fire Station or Hospital

a fire station
You can show support to people working on Labor Day. It is best to call a hospital or fire station in advance to know if they accept food deliveries. Cooks and other baked goods make excellent treats you can deliver to them.

Celebrating Labor Day with Waterdrop

Waterdrop is offering discounted sales on its official website in celebration of Labor Day. Kindly check here to learn more: Waterdrop Labor Day Money Off Event.
waterdrop labor day sale


Labor Day celebrates the achievement of the American workforce.
The holiday signifies how much unions have fought for better wages and work hours and against discrimination in the workplace. The holiday is observed on the first Monday of every September, giving workers a three-day weekend.
Activities you can participate in during this holiday include attending parades, hosting parties, and volunteering at a local organization. You can also drop treats at a local fire station or hospital and support a work-related cause. In addition, because many brands and supermarkets offer discounts during this period, you can take advantage of the sales to stock up.
Hope you can enjoy Labor Day Sale with Waterdrop.


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