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Are you ready for the launch of the Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro?

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated April 13, 2023
Co-branded by Waterdrop and PAWAii, the Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro fundraising campaign on Indiegogo was a resounding success. Launched in February, the innovative product has enjoyed immense love and acceptance from influencers and professionals in the pet care industry. The campaign attracted over 570 backers and raised over $50,000, marking 1037% of its $5,000 flexible goal, all within two months of launch.
As one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms, hosting the crowdfunding on Indiegogo gave Waterdrop and PAWAii the much-needed exposure and support required to bring this great idea to life. As a result of this success, the Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro is now set to be officially launched in the next few days.
waterdrop cordless pet water fountain

The wait is almost over.

More pet owners are anticipating the official launch and availability of the Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro. Everyone wants to give their pets a more enjoyable drinking experience with a smart pet fountain designed to offer fresh, healthy, filtered running water.
Fortunately, the wait is almost over. The Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro will officially launch on Waterdrop and PAWAii platforms on April 21. So, from April 20, you can now order a unit of this innovative pet fountain for your furry friend and say goodbye to the era of dirty, stagnant water in bowls.

Waterdrop and PAWAii did a masterpiece!

Founded in 2015, Waterdrop has adhered to its mission of creating innovative and trustworthy water purification solutions and making them accessible to everyone worldwide who needs them. By consistently delivering high-quality products that purify drinking water, the brand has grown to become one of the leading names in the water filtration industry across the globe.
From reverse osmosis systems to under sink filters, countertop filters, outdoor filters, and filter accessories, Waterdrop has made its mark in the industry and, indeed, in the lives of millions across the world who require clean water to live a quality life.
PAWAii is a family-oriented brand dedicated to improving the bonds and experiences between pets and their owners. The brand is borne out of the need to give pets and their parents maximum quality for value while taking away their stress.
Happy pets make happy owners, which is why PAWAii consistently creates detail-oriented experiences that shape the ideal pet lifestyle, especially in feeding, drinking, outdoor time, fun, and safety. The vast collection of PAWAii products includes pet feeders, bowls, water fountains, leashes, collars, harnesses, and pet beds, all made to cater to pets’ specific needs and bring fur families closer.

Why should your cats drink safe, healthy water?

Water is an essential requirement for a cat’s daily survival. An average cat weighs 60-70% water and must take up to 60ml/kg of water daily to function optimally. However, more than drinking water, the quality of water a cat drinks also contributes to its overall well-being.
Feeding your cats unclean or contaminated water puts them at risk of health complications. For example, cats develop urinary tract problems like feline idiopathic cystitis, feline urethral calculi, cat urinary tract embolism, and others when they do not drink sufficient water or drink unclean, stale, and stagnant water.
battery operated pet water fountain
A pet water fountain with a filter, like the Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro, ensures your cat can always access fresh, healthy, great-tasting filtered drinking water. This, in turn, improves hydration because cats are encouraged to drink more. It also protects them from toxins and enhances their overall health. Fresh, moving water also keeps your cats curious, unlike stale water, which discourages them from drinking.

Why choose the Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro?

The wireless pet water fountain co-branded by Waterdrop and PAWAii is one of the best choices if you are in the market for an excellent and safe water fountain for your pets. Below are some of the impressive features of this pet water fountain:

Water consumption monitoring and tracking

The Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro uses a smart base to monitor and regulate your pet’s water intake. The best part? You can access the collected data remotely from your phone using the dedicated APP. These data can help you understand your pet’s drinking habits and overall health and help vets diagnose and treat your cats when necessary.
real-time monitor app for battery operated cat water fountain

Cordless Battery-Powered Design

The Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro was designed with more convenience in mind. The battery-operated, cordless design ensures a multi-scene application, where you can place the system anywhere in your space to ensure it best serves your pet. Wherever you place it, the 5000 mAh inbuilt battery is large enough to deliver up to 30 days of uninterrupted use after a full charge. You can charge the battery through any of the two charging ports, each in the upper and lower parts. The anti-topple finish also offers more stability, ensuring it does not fall over during use.

No More Dirty Water

Waterdrop and PAWAii’s collaboration on the pet water fountain is highlighted by its outstanding purification capabilities. The fountain is equipped with an efficient NSF-certified water filter that delivers a five-stage deep filtration and UV sterilization. This removes most impurities in the water, killing 99.99% of bacteria and removing bad taste and odor. This ensures that the water from the fountain is clean, healthy, great tasting, and free of contaminants. Now your cats can drink more and stay hydrated all day without any health risks.

Natural and Automatic Water Dispense

Drinking is about to become more fun for your pets with the Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro. There is an inbuilt motion sensor that detects the presence of your pet and activates the running water. This auto-dispensing feature, alongside the sound and motion of the running water, keeps your cats curious and encourages them to drink more water to stay hydrated.

The countdown starts now!

Join the thousands of pet owners looking forward to the Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro from Waterdrop and PAWAii. Going by the massive support the product has received during the crowdfunding campaign; it is on course to become a widely accepted and highly-rated accessory for pets.
You can never go wrong with this pet water fountain. From the dedicated app for monitoring to the cordless, battery-operated design, 30-day battery life, and excellent filtration capability, the Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro is packed with all the features necessary to succeed.
Join us as we count down to the official launch of the Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro on the Waterdrop and PAWAii platforms on April 21.
See you!
*Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro was initially known as PAWAii Caremi Mobile Smart Pet Fountain.


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