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6 Best Waterdrop Tankless RO Water Filters

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated November 07, 2021
Tankless Reverse Osmosis systems provide unique benefits and features that make it a compelling option for residential use. Compared to other water filtration systems, a tankless RO unit is a great choice for individuals who require high quality drinking water, but are short on space. Here, for your consideration, we have provided an in-depth comparison of Waterdrop's tankless Reverse Osmosis water filter.

Waterdrop's Water Filter Line

As a professional water purification system manufacturer, Waterdrop strives to serve as a reliable source of RO systems. Offering a wide range of water filter systems, Waterdrop provides high quality water filters to fit a wide range of needs. These include:

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis is a method in which tap water may be purified, by use of force and a fine membrane. As a result, up to 99% of contaminants are thoroughly removed, and the end result is safe, healthy drinking water for your family, friends, pets, and more. Some of the contaminants efficiently removed by an RO system include: odors, chemicals, colors, sediment, etc. Through modern innovation, manufacturers such as Waterdrop, have made great strives in producing units for all manner of application.
If you are interested on the working principle of RO membrane, kindle check for more information.

What Is a Tankless System?

The majority of Reverse Osmosis systems come as a standard, under the sink design. However, this type of RO often leaves homeowners frustrated with the length of time a system such as this takes to fill the tank. Eventually, individuals look to upgrade their tank size, which involves more time and effort, as well as finances. For these reasons, in addition to saving on space, a tankless RO system serves as a great medium for smaller living quarters. What are some of the most prominent features of a tankless RO unit?
  • A Compact Design
  • More Efficient Performance
  • Intelligent Features
  • Simple Installation
  • Easy Maintenance

Storage Tank VS Tankless RO Systems

Tankless RO RO with Tank
System Size Small Large
Water Flow Fast Slow
Booster Pump Always Rarely
Filter Life Indicators Always Never
Taste No wired taste Taste of rubber
Maintenance Easy Difficult
Purity Prevent bacteria accumulation Bacteria accumulate
Typically, homeowners can come to expect a few differences between storage tank style RO systems, and tankless Reverse Osmosis filtration units. Need a breakdown of the differences? Here are a few tips to get you started. While an RO tank system has a rather slow water flow, a tankless can provide water at a faster rate. Reverse Osmosis with tank doesn't have a need for a booster pump, whereas a tankless always does. But two of the most important differences come into play in terms of purity, and maintenance. Purity can become an issue with a tank system, as bacteria begins to accumulate. Whereas a tankless RO system doesn't feature a tank for anything to build up in. Plus, in terms of maintenance, a tank system is rather difficult to clean and maintain, however, a tankless requires little cleaning.

Waterdrop Top 6 Tankless RO Water Filter

Product Highlight Learn More
Waterdrop G3 800GPD
Waterdrop G3 800GPD
  • 400 DPG ultra large capacity
  • 3-stage filters plus 7-layer of RO membranes
  • Safer and smarter LED UV sterilizer
  • 3:1 drain ratio
  • Optional remineralization filter
Waterdrop D6
Waterdrop D6
  • Only 1 filter to maintain
  • 5-stage filtration
  • 1.5:1 low drain ratio
  • Real-time TDS monitoring smart faucet
  • Elegant tankless design
  • More compact size
Waterdrop G2 600GPD
Waterdrop G2 600GPD
  • Advanced composite filter technology
  • 600 GPD fast water flow
  • Saves 600% more water
  • Integrated electrical and water circuits
  • Premium faucet in the package
Waterdrop N1
Waterdrop N1
  • UV sterilization
  • Countertop RO water filter
  • 5 intelligent functions
  • 3:1 drain ratio
  • Ultra-long filter capacity
  • No drilling required
Waterdrop G3
Waterdrop G3
  • NSF 58 & 372 certified
  • 7-stage deep filtration
  • Smart TDS monitoring panel
  • Huge DOW® RO membrane
  • 3 second filter replacement
  • Automatic flushing
Waterdrop M5
Waterdrop M5
  • Countertop RO water filter
  • No wall plug required
  • No electricity required
  • Come with portable water pitcher

Waterdrop G3 800GPD Reverse Osmosis System

The Waterdrop G3 800GPD reverse osmosis system with uv light is the one of the most advanced RO water filter on the market. It produces the purest water with a high bacteria reduction rate. It has an advanced water production technology that makes three cups of purified water with only one cup of wastewater going down the drain.
  • 7-Layer of RO Membranes

  • Waterdrop G3 800GPD reverse osmosis water filtration system features not only powerful 3-stage filters, but also water scale inhibitor to prevent water scale from building up. Improved 7-layer of RO membranes reduce chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants present in water effectively.
  • Safer & Smarter LED UV Sterilizer

  • The advanced LED chip in this RO system helps to effectively filter 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your water. Unlike the mercury-vapor lamp, it won't release harmful toxins and heavy metals.
  • The breathing lamp turns on automatically as water passes, helping you save energy. It protects you for up to 50 years.
  • Ultra-Large 800 GPD Capacity

  • With breakthrough water-saving technology, the reverse osmosis water filter lowers drain ratio to 3:1. Choose this environment friendly system and support your green life style, saving your water bill as well.

Waterdrop D6 RO System

Ultimately, the biggest noticeable difference in the Waterdrop D6 system is the efficient filter. Only one filter is required to operate the unit, which means the single filter will cost more money to purchase. Regular maintenance, however, will go great lengths in ensuring you receive the most life out of your filter, when completed on an annual basis. If you are one of many homeowners facing the presence of sediment in your tap water, a point-of-entry sediment filter will help to extend the life of your D6 filter unit.
  • Preventing Water Wastage

  • When water is used in an inefficient manner, it becomes a problem. This is one of the major cons associated with the use of an RO system. Waterdrop aims to change all that, with the development and use of new water saving technologies. In fact, an RO system such as the D6 features an unprecedented waste water ratio of 1.5:1.
  • The Most Intelligent Faucet

  • Waterdrop's D6 RO water system comes equipped with a stylish, smart faucet to better enable consumers with the addition of a high-end screen. Ultimately, this screen provides real-time TDS levels, as well as the remaining lifespan of the current filter in use. When saving time and effort is important to you, the features set forth by the D6 Reverse Osmosis filter system should be your first choice.

Waterdrop G2 600GPD Reverse Osmosis System

Not everyone needs an enormous water filtration unit. When the aforementioned model is just too big for your needs, Waterdrop's G2 Reverse Osmosis system serves as a smaller solution. In fact, many residential spaces nowadays have less space to offer, while demanding the same need for safe drinking water. Offering some of the great features set forth by the Waterdrop G3, the G2 could be exactly what you're looking for.
  • Premium Performance

  • If you need a decently sized RO system, the G2 can still offer the removal of suspended solids, rust, sediment, and other particles thanks to the first initial sediment PP membrane. Furthermore, the premium activated carbon block reduces chlorine, unpleasant odor and flavors, as well as organic matter. This is followed up by a second sediment PP membrane for the removal of additional particles, and more. And, last but not least in the membrane department, is a 0.0001 micron high precision RO membrane. This ensures your family enjoys a steady supply of water free from: fluoride, nitrates, lead, salt, atrazine, chloramine, TDS, bacteria, etc. A post activated carbon block polishes the water to ensure the best tasting water possible.
  • Fast Flow Rate

  • A fast water flow rate, of 600 GPD, ensures over 60% of water is saved, with a 2:1 filtered to waste water ratio. This is twice as efficient as the larger Waterdrop G3 system, for efficient operation, and lower levels of waste water. At the end of the day, when you just want a glass of safe drinking water, you can enjoy it in 12 seconds flat thanks to the G2.

Waterdrop N1 Countertop RO Water Filter

Countertop RO units are one of the most complained about systems, due to their difficult and lengthy installation requirements. Others frequently comment about the lack of TDS level reporting, or features in regard to water quality reports. Additionally, countertop units are more of a permanent fixture, which means access to fresh water is only possible after setup. This is where the Waterdrop N1 aims to put forth new standards for this style of water filtration. The N1, on the other hand, is more of a plug-and-play RO system, with no need for unbearable installation. Operation is just as simple, too, with a during use analysis for real time reporting results.
  • Intelligent Control Panel

  • If you are concerned with monitoring the overall condition of your RO water, you may appreciate the built in intelligent smart screen. This screen is capable of displaying varying levels of TDS, as well as information in regard to filter life, water shortage alerts, auto-flush mode, and even volume settings
  • UV Sterilization

  • A UV light automatically activates each and every hour, in an effort to regularly eliminate viruses and bacteria commonly present in feed water. This leaves your family enjoying healthy, pure, and safe filtered water. Compared to other methods, UV sterilization does not require the addition of chemicals. This method acts by killing harmful bacteria through the use of a UV light. Ultimately, you aren't left with unpleasant tasting or smelling water, and can rest assured in the overall safety of the finished product.
  • Installation-Free

  • Countertop units don't need too much fuss to operate, thanks to Waterdrop's thoughtful design. This unit isn't overly technical, or demanding. Simply locate a socket to plug into, and prepare to enjoy pure, healthy drinking water wherever you are. Once it's time for a filter replacement, it will only require three seconds of your time, and the use of zero hand tools. Over time, you are sure to appreciate the longevity of Waterdrops systems. Thanks to the use of high quality build materials, as well as the inclusion of reliable filters, you can expect a service life anywhere between 6 to 18 months of regular use before replacement is required.

Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis System

As one of Waterdrop's most powerful tankless RO design, the G3 Reverse Osmosis system serves as an under sink unit. You can expect to receive a slew of top notch features, within a compact and sleek design. Ultimately, this system from Waterdrop will provide your family with safe, healthy drinking water, thanks to the utilization of 7 stages of water filtration.
  • Tankless design

  • The majority of under sink RO water systems are completely reliant upon a pressurized storage tank in which to store filtered water. The Waterdrop, on the other hand, filters on demand without the need for a tank. This equals easier installation, simple maintenance, and little to no worry of bacterial contamination.
  • NSF 58 & 372 certified

  • You can rest assured in the testing and certification of Waterdrop's G3 system, thanks to NSF 58 and 372 certifications. After a complete flushing, the G3 is proven to reduce more than 90% of TDS commonly present in tap water. Plus, the utilization of lead-free materials ensures your family is receiving to highest quality drinking water possible.
  • Incredible Water Quality Feedback

  • If you are interested in the overall status of your water filters, you will appreciate the built-in LED ring of the Waterdrop G3. Each color signifies a various stage, so you can stay on top of maintenance, operation, and more. Compared to other similar models on the market, you'd be hard-pressed to find a RO system with a built-in notification system. In fact, most models on the market require the use of a 3rd party TDS meter to gather similar information. Plus, the Waterdrop G3 requires very little space, while also producing higher amounts of purified water, with improved modes of feedback compared to other systems.

Waterdrop M5 Countertop RO Water Filter

When you consider Waterdrop's M5 countertop RO water purifier, you will begin to recognize the combination of countertop system designs, and features of a portable water pitcher. This level of innovation involves a slew of benefits, that is sure to add to overall convenience and performance.
  • Optimal Filtration Performance

  • The M5's capability of contaminant removal is one of the top features, thanks to a 5 stage composite filter. This filter cartridge is capable of stopping over 1,000 harmful contaminants from reaching your family, including: lead, fluoride, chlorine, dissolved solids, microorganisms, mercury, PFAS, salt, and more. This level of filtration serves as the perfect solutions for households stuck using city water, well, and more.
  • Premium Portable Pitcher

  • Waterdrop's M5 Reverse Osmosis system comes equipped with a portable pitcher comprised of Tritan plastic. The advanced RO membrane filterswater for storage into the 80oz pitcher. This leaves you ready to enjoy pure and safe drinking water regardless of the time of day. This unit stands out above the rest because of the inclusion of next-level materials. Thanks to the use of BPA-free plastic, you don't have to worry about the safety.
  • The Filter that Has it All

  • Typically, a filter cartridge such as this offers 12 months of continual use, or 550 gallons of water. This means you're only on the hook for changing out the filter on an annual basis. Overall, your yearly maintenance will reduce significantly, and your wallet and schedule will thank you.

Additional Thoughts

Any type of Reverse Osmosis system that enables the consumer to make significant customizations during installation is a win in our book. Some of the accessories recommended will go great lengths in ensuring you get the precise setup you were looking for. Regardless of whether you are planning to install an under sink RO system, or tankless unit, you can't go wrong with additional accessories. Learn more about the Tank and tankless RO water filter. If this sounds like something you're interested, please feel free to peruse our website, or contact us for more information.


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