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The Right Pitcher for College Students: Waterdrop Electric Pitcher

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated August 24, 2023
Everyone looks forward to starting college. The anticipation is exciting, and rightly so, because the whole experience promises a lot. From meeting new friends to attending new classes and living in a dorm room for the first time, there is simply a lot on the lineup of activities. But there is also some level of uncertainty or anxiety. For instance, are you ready to start living away from home? Is the water in the dorm as safe as what you have at home?
You might not prioritize access to unfiltered water when moving to college. However, it is important to go with an efficient water filter . This way, you can depend less on disposable plastic water bottles and enjoy safe water both in your dorm and during classes. Water filter offers an enjoyable and safe hydration experience.

The Dangers of Unfiltered Water?

While it is common for new college students to overlook the need for safe water and a proper water filtration solution, this oversight can make or mar your campus life. For example, drinking unsafe water can lead to several health issues, including everyday headaches or, in extreme cases, the ingestion of disease-causing parasites.
germs in unfiltered water
Imagine battling with health problems caused by contaminated water at the peak of the session instead of preparing for assessments and examinations. That is what is most likely to happen if you drink the contaminated water. The chances of ingesting a parasite from contaminated water are high with unfiltered water. These microscopic organisms are known to cripple the gastrointestinal system, causing a myriad of health problems.

What Are the Common Impurities in Drinking Water?

As mentioned earlier, unfiltered drinking water may contain a long list of contaminants. One of these is asbestos - a frequent component of water pipes that is gradually leached into the water system. Unless this contaminant is filtered out, its accumulation in the body can cause cancer. We can say the same about lead - another harmful substance that spikes blood pressure levels and impairs auditory systems when consumed in adult humans.
In addition to lead and asbestos, unfiltered water can carry harmful heavy metals and microplastics. These elements cannot be seen with the naked eye. If unfiltered, they can harm the body in different ways. These are some reasons why it is essential to filter your drinking water to ensure it is clean and safe.
waterdrop electric pitcher

Why Do College Students Need a Water Filter?

If you still wonder why you need to pack a water pitcher, here are some reasons to do so.

It Is Convenient

With a water pitcher in your living space or dorm room, you can easily access clean, safe, and healthy drinking water. You do not have to rely on a water fountain or constantly refill a water bottle. This helps to limit distractions and maximize focus.

It Saves Cost

You will spend more buying bottled water every time to drink. But adopting a water pitcher and refilling your bottle from the tap is cost-effective.

It Encourages Proper Hydration

Your body needs to stay hydrated to perform optimally. With a water pitcher around, you can get frequent visual reminders to drink water as you go through your daily activities. That way, your hydration levels can stay optimal whether in class studying or at home relaxing.
reduce plastic pollution

It Limits the Environmental Impact

Buying bottled water contributes to the plastic waste volume of the environment. On the contrary, water pitchers are reusable, limiting the dependence on single-use plastics. This, in turn, reduces plastic waste in the environment.

It Improves Social Convenience

In addition to serving you, your water pitcher can be a valuable resource for people you share your space with. Your friends and roommates can also stay safe and hydrated whenever they are with or around you.
In college, there are often numerous parties, and the morning after a party, you might need a glass of water to help yourself wake up. A water pitcher would be the ideal choice for this purpose.

Waterdrop Electric Pitcher

The primary role of any efficient water filtration system is to effectively reduce impurities in water, including chlorine, sediments, and foul odor and taste. It should be a source of reliable and consistent filtration results, ensuring users can always get a satisfying drinking experience. The Waterdrop Electric Pitcher ticks all these essential boxes.
outdoor use of waterdrop electric filter
Read on to learn why this filtration unit is the right choice for college students.

One-touch & Efficient Performance

The Waterdrop Electric Pitcher adopts an electrically powered design and seamless one-key control to give users a best-in-class experience. Unlike traditional pitchers and dispensers, this electric pitcher filters water faster and more accurately, thanks to its advanced and safe filter materials. An upgrade to this unit guarantees you the highest levels of satisfaction.

Excellent Material

The Waterdrop Electric Pitcher relies on an impressive 0.5-um premium carbon block filter material, setting a new filtration precision standard. The advanced design also guarantees a superior impurity reduction with no carbon leakage. Therefore, you can expect a significant improvement in your drinking water's purity and taste. You should replace the filter after three months of usage or 200 gallons of filtered water, depending on which comes first.

Prolonged Battery

The long-lasting battery in the Waterdrop Electric Pitcher removes the hassle of frequent charging. You can enjoy an uninterrupted filtration experience for a long time—up to a month with a single charge. This ultimately reduces the burden of maintenance and improves convenience levels.
*You can get up to 30 days of use with a fully charged battery, provided you dispense 101-135 oz of water daily.
portable waterdrop electric pitcher

Perfect for Both Outdoor and Indoor Use

This electric pitcher is designed for use both indoors and outdoors. This versatility makes it a good companion for camping trips and picnics and a seamless component for your refrigerator and kitchen countertop. Wherever you place or use it, you can be sure it will deliver purified water efficiently.

Waterdrop Chubby Pitcher Water Filter

This water filter pitcher has NSF 372 and 42 certifications for reducing odor, taste, and chlorine. High-grade, BPA-free plastic is adopted in manufacturing this pitcher. It also sports a rigid natural wooden handle, ensuring seamless handling and maneuvering.
This water filter pitcher has a multi-stage technology that can effectively reduce arsenic and other water contaminants. Refilling is easy and can be done without removing the pitcher’s cover. This filtration unit works effectively with most fridge doors, ensuring the water stays cold longer.


The return to school season is synonymous with many preparations and activities. Moving away from relaxation to the everyday demands of academia can be overwhelming for college students. But this transition also presents an opportunity to grow and explore. While it is essential to prepare adequately for college academically, a student must also prioritize their welfare. Invest in a reliable water purification solution to stay healthy while creating and nurturing valuable lifelong bonds.


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