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Traditional Water Filter Pitcher VS Waterdrop Electric Pitcher

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated August 11, 2023

Why Do You Need a Water Pitcher?

It is essential to maintain proper hydration, especially during the summer season when the weather is relatively hotter. You want to prevent dehydration and the many health complications that come with it. Public water contamination has come up more often in recent times. Many harmful chemicals, including PFAS and heavy metals, have been recently reported in drinking water sources. Drinking such contaminated water can lead to various health risks among families and individuals.
Therefore, safeguarding your drinking water and, by extension, your health has become imperative. Experts have recommended the use of a high-quality water filter. Aside from helping save money, this single move protects you and your loved ones from the harms of contaminated water. With the right filter, you can effectively eliminate these harmful contaminants and enjoy clean, safe, and healthy drinking water in your household.
traditional pitcher vs waterdrop electric pitcher

Downsides of the Traditional Water Pitcher

You will find traditional water pitchers in most homes today. Over the years, homeowners have trusted them as a simple and effective source of drinking water. These pitchers have also effectively removed contaminants in water, although there are limitations regarding the users’ quality of life. Some of these are highlighted below.

Slow Filtration Process

Traditional water pitchers are slow when it comes to filtering water. Filtration usually takes several minutes, which prevents households from accessing a continuous supply of clean and purified water. The situation gets even worse during peak usage times.

Limited Filtration Capacity

The filter cartridges present in traditional water pitchers are smaller. Therefore, their filtration capacities are limited, and this, in turn, reduces the amount of purified water they can provide. Users may need to replace the inbuilt filters frequently, which can be inconvenient and costly.
traditional water pitcher vs waterdrop electric pitcher

Short Filter Lifespan

Inbuilt filters in traditional water pitchers have shorter filter lifespans, usually one to two months. The only way to get optimal performance is to replace them frequently. However, frequent replacement translates to additional expenses for the users.

Not Ideal for Large Families or Gatherings

Considering that an average traditional water pitcher can only hold one or two liters of filtered water, the user experience may be inconvenient for large families or gatherings. This limitation necessitates the frequent refilling of the pitcher - a move that is both impractical and tasking.
Without taking anything away from the usefulness of traditional water pitchers over the years, we must realize that they have limitations. Fortunately, there are better alternatives that meet our hydration needs more effectively. Let’s see one of the best options from Waterdrop.

Waterdrop Electric Pitcher

An efficient water filter must reduce impurities like sediment, chlorine, and unpleasant tastes and odors. It must offer a reliable filtration performance that ends in a refreshing drinking experience. This way, the user can enjoy optimal hydration and overall improved health. The Waterdrop Electric Pitcher ticks all the essential boxes. Read on to learn why it is the right water pitcher for you.
waterdrop vs traditional pitcher

Efficient Performance and Reliable Operation

The electric design and the one-key control ensure that this countertop water dispenser delivers an optimal experience, better than what a traditional dispenser or pitcher offers. The filtration is faster and powered by more precise filter materials. You can never go wrong with an upgrade to this water filter.

Best-in-class Filter Materials

The 0.5 um premium carbon block filter material in this water pitcher is designed to deliver high filtration accuracy, improved adsorption, and no carbon leakage. It reduces impurities efficiently and enhances the taste of the drinking water. Replacing the filter after 200 gallons of filtered water or three months of use is recommended - whichever comes first. This will ensure optimal performance.

Extended Battery Life

Frequent charging can be a hassle most times. But with the Waterdrop ED01, you can enjoy consistent filtration for a month with a single charge, thanks to its long-lasting battery. This also adds more convenience and minimizes maintenance requirements for this water dispenser.
*The battery will last 30 days if it is fully charged and dispenses 101-135 oz of water per day.
get pure water in 1 second

Improved User Safety

This water filter has been subjected to the thorough IPX5 waterproof standard tests and confirmed safe for wet environments. Only BPA-free materials were adopted in the production of its water-contacting components. This means that every drop of water from this unit is safe for consumption.

Made for Outdoors and Indoors

Another box the Waterdrop Electric Pitcher ticks is versatility. You can use it indoors and outdoors - an excellent companion for outdoor gatherings like camping trips and picnics. What’s more? You can easily slot it into your refrigerator or sit on your kitchen countertop. Either way, you can rest assured of accessing purified drinking water whenever and wherever.
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To Wrap Up

You can reduce your reliance on bottled water with Waterdrop Electric Pitcher. By having access to purified water at home or on the go, you can reduce plastic waste to contribute to environmental protection. Join the movement to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle and shape the future of our planet!


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