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Waterdrop Shines at the 2024 WQA Convention & Expo

Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated March 01, 2024
At the Water Quality Association Convention and Exposition , which takes place from March 5 -7 in Orlando, Florida, Waterdrop was among the brands in attendance.
Anticipated to be one of the biggest gatherings in the water treatment sector, the 2024 WQA Convention and Exposition drew a sizable number of participants and exhibitors. Following a successful showcase at the 2024 WQA Convention and Exposition, Waterdrop has solidified its position in the water treatment industry with a stellar representation of its innovative water purifiers.

What is WQA?

WQA, stands for “Water Quality Association”, is a trade organization established in 1974. It represents the water treatment industry in the United States. It resulted from the merging of two earlier associations and advocates for the residential, commercial, industrial, and small community water treatment sectors.
wqa convention center
Boasting more than 2,500 members, WQA serves as the primary voice for businesses involved in water treatment, including manufacturers and distributors of treatment equipment. Additionally, the association hosts the annual convention and exposition, providing a platform for education and insights into industry challenges and business management within the water treatment field.

Waterdrop to Display State-of-the-Art Purification Technologies at the WQA Conference

waterdrop attending wqa expo
At the WQA convention, Waterdrop showcased its top-notch water purifiers, including both new and old models like cutting-edge countertop dispensers. We presented the most recent inventions and showed how we were changing the water treatment sector. Additionally, Waterdrop was active to engage with attendees, gather feedback, and obtain knowledge to enhance subsequent products at the event.

Overview of the Waterdrop

The Waterdrop Journey advocates for sustainable living while working to improve the quality of drinking water worldwide. Waterdrop, one of the top three water purification brands on Amazon, provides cutting-edge filtration solutions for every household. The company’s goal is to make safe, filtered water accessible to everyone on the planet, thereby raising standards of living and decreasing the need for single-use plastic bottles for the environment protection career.
Waterdrop is committed to innovation and integrates state-of-the-art science into its water filtration systems, which include water pitchers, countertop and under sink RO filters, whole-house filters, and even filtration systems designed specifically for skincare products. Waterdrop products prioritize quality and safety to cater to the varied demands of contemporary consumers, be it cost-effectiveness, tech-forward essentials, or basic filtration solutions.
Waterdrop is aware of the wide range of consumer preferences but is still committed to providing personalized customer care to build long-lasting satisfaction and trust. Our environmentally friendly and energy-efficient designs are a reflection of the brand’s three main tenets: excellence, results orientation, and technological mindfulness.

Waterdrop’s Progress at the WQA Convention and Exposition

Waterdrop A1 Reverse Osmosis Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

With its sophisticated refrigerator-grade compressor, the A1 can chill water to a cool 41°F and heat water to 203°F, providing a steady and refreshing supply of icy, warm or hot water whenever needed. Its excellent system is dependable and makes sure you can have an optional drink right away.
waterdrop a1 hot cold water dispenser
The A1 surpasses standard refrigerator filters in its ability to purify water thanks to its complex six-stage filtration system. This process fully purifies the water, eliminating a variety of impurities and providing a much-improved flavor for the ultimate drinking experience.
The A1’s intelligent controls, which include an OLED smart display that makes monitoring and adjustments easier, further enhance the user experience. Convenience is the primary design feature, with five different cup sizes and rapid hot water delivery in just three seconds. Furthermore, it clearly takes the environment into account by reducing the need for plastic bottles, which reduces waste and promotes a decrease in carbon superior to bottled water practices.
The A1 is a practical and economical device that saves users from complicated setups with its straightforward plug-and-play operation. The system’s low water waste ratio and strong RO membrane further demonstrate its environmental friendliness, which eventually translates into minimal maintenance costs. To ensure safety, a UV sterilization light is incorporated to ensure that the water dispensed is extremely clean. Additionally, a child lock feature is included to prevent any possibility of accidents involving small children.

Waterdrop Electric Water Pitcher

Praised for its innovative filtration capabilities and creative design, it is the Waterdrop Electric Water Pitcher. It has a premium carbon block filter material with a 0.5-um size, which guarantees extremely accurate water filtering. In contrast to conventional pitchers and dispensers, this electric pitcher’s electrically powered design allows it to function quickly and effectively, improving user experience by expediting the purification process.
waterdrop electric water pitcher
Its notable integration of touchless operation via smooth one-key control highlights its user-friendliness and convenience. By effectively addressing the prevalent concern of undesirable flavors and odors in drinking water, this system substantially enhances both the flavor and purity of tap water.
Long-lasting battery life is another feature of the Waterdrop Electric Water Pitcher’s design. It eliminates the inconvenience of frequent charging and simplifies maintenance with a single charge that provides up to one month of use.
When combined, these features demonstrate a significant advancement in the field of water purification technology and provide an efficient, eco-friendly, and high-performing solution for raising the standard of drinking water.

Waterdrop C1S CoreRO Countertop Water Filter

Presenting the Waterdrop CoreRO Countertop Water Filter, a revolutionary method of purifying water at home that combines state-of-the-art technology with user-friendliness.
With its elegant 5-stage filtration system contained in a small, streamlined countertop design, the Waterdrop CoreRO is the result of creative thinking. You can be sure that the water you drink is completely free of lead, fluoride, and other contaminants thanks to its powerful 0.0001μm Reverse Osmosis membrane.
waterdrop c1s countertop water dispenser
Its generous pure-to-drain ratio of 3:1 and user-friendly touchscreen for adjusting water output highlight its economic and environmental appeal. It combines practicality with modern technology. It is a space-saving, installation-free system that blends in perfectly with any office or kitchen, all while keeping functionality top of mind.
Certified for your protection and advantage, the filter offers remarkable performance and remarkable user-friendliness. With the Waterdrop CoreRO, you can enjoy safer, fresher water - purification has never been so simple.

Announcement of New Water Purifier

We’re thrilled to introduce a novel product this month that will hopefully perform better than the majority of RO (reverse osmosis) systems available. It’s going to be the best option for large families looking for a reliable, effective water purification system because of its exceptional capacity.
Our creative design makes sure that there is always clean, pure water available, easily satisfying the increased needs of a busy household. Prepare yourself for an unparalleled experience in water purification; purity, capacity, and dependability are all expertly bundled into one remarkable package.
mystery product

To sum up...

Following the WQA Exposition, we at Waterdrop, who are incredibly motivated by our goal to develop dependable, innovative home appliance products, see ourselves stepping up our efforts to offer unmatched services to 100 million families worldwide. Our goal is to grow our services to a larger audience while also fostering our employees’ mutually beneficial development within the organization.
Our commitment to upholding our core values - prioritizing the needs of our customers, perseverance in the face of difficulty, a proactive, adaptable mindset, and the audacity to assume accountability - motivates us to continuously improve our water filtration systems. We continue to prioritize protecting the environment and ensuring that every family has access to the cleanest water for their health.


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