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Here Is How The Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro Revolutionizes Your Pet’s Feeding Experience

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated April 26, 2023
One of the crucial roles of pet owners is to keep their pets happy and healthy always. Having access to clean water is among the most basic needs of pets. However, constantly refilling their water bowls can be a hassle. That’s where the Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro comes in—a solution to revolutionize your feeding experience.
With this innovative, battery-operated, wireless cat water fountain, your pet can enjoy fresh drinking water whenever and wherever. This blog highlights the excellent features and advantages of having this battery operated pet water fountain in your space. It also touches on how to get the best out of this device and practical cleaning and maintenance tips. 

Traditional Pet Water Bowls Must Now Go

There is no doubt about the popularity of traditional pet water bowls. However, these devices also come with some drawbacks, including;

Increased risk of pollution

The water in traditional pet water bowls is at a higher risk of becoming contaminated with bacteria, viruses, dirt, sand, and similar impurities. In addition to making the water unattractive to pets, these impurities usually have various adverse effects on your pet’s health. Insects and similar pests are more likely to infest stagnant water in a bowl, increasing the chances of contamination. The only way to prevent these issues is to regularly clean the pet’s water bowl and replace the old water with clean and fresh water daily. 

Higher chances of tipping and spilling

Pets can accidentally knock over their feeding bowls, especially the big and active ones. This can create a messy situation for both you and your furry pals. In addition, consistent water spilling can damage carpets and floors and create slipping hazards. 
Similarly, if you have pets that constantly play with or bite at their water bowls, such bowls may get damaged faster. One way to avoid these problems is to adopt spill-proof or non-tip water bowls. Another way out is to choose a pet water fountain or dispenser that is sturdy enough to stand even when accidentally pushed or bumped into. 

Water capacity is low

Most traditional water bowls for pets are too small and cannot hold much water. This necessitates frequent refilling throughout the day, especially for bigger pets or pets that consume more water. However, constant refilling is inconvenient or sometimes impossible when you are away from home for longer. It also increases the risk of contamination, considering it contributes to the accumulation of impurities in the water bowl. 

Placement options are limited

Traditional wired pet water dispensers do not allow users to place them anywhere around the home. That is because they require electricity and must be close to an electrical outlet where they can be plugged in. Asides from the limited placement options, a wired drinking dispenser increases the chance of pets biting the power cord. 
black striped brown cat drinking tap water

Why Is Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro Better?

A beauty of the pet water dispenser market is that customers are spoilt for options. However, most of these options do not have the necessary features and capabilities to give users the best experience possible. Fortunately, the Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain is not one of those. This water fountain is one of the smartest in the market and packs the features that take pet hydration to the next level. 

Extended battery life—works for longer without electricity

The Waterdrop pet water fountain is designed to work wirelessly, ensuring maximum user convenience and preventing pets from biting on wires. The device is powered by a 5000mAh rechargeable lithium battery that lasts 30 days on a single charge. So, if you are a busy pet owner that takes business trips or you are in an area without constant electricity, you can count on the long battery life and wireless design of this cat water fountain to meet your pet’s hydration needs effectively. 

In-depth filtration that provides clean and fresh water

The Waterdrop Wireless Pet Water Fountain Pro relies on a NSF 372 and 42-certified filter system to confirm the use of only lead-free material and the capability to reduce small and large-diameter impurities from your pet’s drinking water. These include residual chlorine, debris, dirt, floating hairs, calcium and copper ions, and heavy metals. The 7-layer filter system combines physical interception with PET mesh, PET filter cotton, carbon particles, resin, carbon fiber, and another layer of PET filter cotton to filter out impurities and provide clean, safe, healthy drinking water. 

99.99% UV sterilization rate

Asides from the 7-layer filter system, this battery-operated cat water fountain is also equipped with a powerful UV sterilization setup that kills 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacteria in the water. This is another layer of protection for your pets, which keeps the water safe and fresh.  

Water capacity is larger

The large 68 oz water holder in this wireless pet water fountain means you do not have to refill the fountain frequently. Cats do not naturally drink enough water, and that is why dehydration and health issues like urinary tract infections are common among them. An average cat drinks about 3.5 to 4.5 ounces of water daily per 5 pounds of body weight. So, if you have a 10-pound cat, he will drink about 7 to 9 ounces of water every day. The water holder is big enough to meet the hydration needs of your cats. 

Choose from multiple dispensing modes 

There are three dispensing modes in the Waterdrop wireless cat water fountain. These include the inductive mode, regular mode, and manual mode. The inductive mode works by the principle of motion sensing—dispensing starts automatically once the device senses your pet’s presence. This can encourage pets to drink more water on their own. With the regular mode, the fountain dispenses water once every hour. Lastly, the manual mode is designed to allow users to regulate the amount of water the fountain dispenses. 

Users can monitor water consumption

A proprietary APP allows you to monitor the water consumption of your cats when they drink from the pet water fountain. The APP provides valuable information about your pet’s daily water intake. You can also get alerts about low water levels. All of these improve the overall user experience for you and your pets. 

There is a safe water-electricity separation design

Waterdrop and PAWAii adopted a wireless, water-electricity separation design in this water fountain to protect your pets from potential electric shocks. Also, with the water pump located externally, the removable structure of the fountain keeps the water and electrical components separate. 

No operational noise

This wireless cat water fountain has an operational noise of below 30 dB. It works silently, ensuring your pet can drink without disturbing you or anybody else. Pets are also less likely to be frightened by the fountain while drinking compared to traditional pet fountains with loud operational noise. 
quiet operation of cat water fountain

We Have Answered Your Questions 

It is not uncommon to see users ask questions or experience issues while using this product or browsing through the product page. But not to worry, we have addressed these issues and provided detailed answers to such questions below;

Is using the pet water fountain while plugged in safe?

Yes, it is. A USB type-c cable allows you to plug the fountain into the electrical socket for use in the plug-in mode. Users can charge the fountain via any charging hole in the base or the external water pump.
When plugged in, the fountain runs in plug-in mode, and the server is connected in real time. That means you can access the intake data of your pet instantly via the APP. 
However, when in the battery-operated mode, the data is updated once every four hours to reduce power consumption and maximize efficiency. 

How do I clean this pet water fountain?

Another important discussion is how to clean the water fountain. First, it is advisable to clean the fountain weekly. The simple design means there are no cleaning dead angles in the bucket wall. All you have to do is disassemble the fountain in seconds and clean. 
NB: Do not wash the smart weighing base and the external water pump in water. 

When are the pet water fountain filters due for replacement? 

For best performance, we recommend replacing this pet water fountain filter every 30 days. This will always keep your pet’s drinking water clean, healthy, and fresh. In addition, you can look out for the reminder on the fountain, which is usually a yellow indicator light flashing. 
Follow the four steps below to replace an old pet water fountain filter:
how to replace cat water fountain filter

Can I reuse the pet water fountain filters after cleaning?

Your furry friend requires fresh and healthy water to stay active. However, maintaining clean and healthy drinking water requires considerable effort. Leaving overworked and inefficient filters in the fountain can accumulate impurities like sediments and facilitate bacteria growth. The only way to prevent this is to replace old and expired filters with new and efficient filters. 


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