Connect RO System to Refrigerator - Waterdrop PMT Small Water Pressure Tank for Smart Reverse Osmosis, with 1/4" Water Tubing

Model: WD-PMT
Fits most Waterdrop reverse osmosis system
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  • Key Feature
    • [Creative solution for tankless RO system] The small water pressure tank helps solve potential problems when connecting tankless reverse osmosis system to refrigerator or icemaker: a) Faster water output in long distance connection. With this tank, you never worry about frequent reboot caused by unstable water pressure. b) Shorten initial water output period of RO water purifier.
    • [DIY installation] The manual provides simple instructions on how to install this water pressure tank. You get a ¼” quick-connect design out-of-the-box. All you have to do to complete the installation is to cut off the water outlet tubing of the RO system, then insert both ends of the tubing into the tank.
    • [Best-in-class quality] This pressure tank has undergone several tests, such as burst, pulse, static pressure, fall off, and tightness tests. The tank is super-durable and will not even leak in the event of high pressure. You also get a 1-year service.
    • [Premium and safe materials] Only high-quality food-grade materials make up each component of this product. They are 100% safe and sustainable. The presence of carbon steel also adds more durability.
    • [Tank size] Despite the small size (4.1 x 4.1 x 7.3 inches), the water tank offers a large capacity, especially under the sink. Enjoy a smooth dispensing with a 1L large capacity, as well as uniform, clearer ice cubes.
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Connect RO System to Refrigerator - Waterdrop PMT Small Water Pressure Tank for Smart Reverse Osmosis, with 1/4" Water Tubing

Regular price $29.99
Sale price $29.99 Regular price
0.26 gallons/1 L
1.56 lbs/0.71 kg
Preset pressure
7 psi
4.1*4.1*7.3 inches/103.8*103.8*185.5 mm
Working temperature
Many people want to connect tankless reverse osmosis system to refrigerator to get clean ice cubes but there are issues. The RO machine cannot operate in a normal way and will often restart, the distance between the machine and the refrigerator is a problem, and the water pressure is not stable. On top of that, it can shorten the service life of the unit. To solve this issue, we recommend using PMT small water pressure tank. These tanks have passed 91 high-pressure tests including static pressure, impulse, and blasting. They are safe and dependable, resistant to high pressure, and will not leak water. Getting a water pressure tank will make an excellent partner for the RO system and solve the problem of too long a connection between the RO machine and your refrigerator. It will regularly restart the RO machine to make ice and produce water much more smoothly. The ice cubes will be created more uniformly, will be free of contaminants and impurities, and provide a purer, cleaner texture. Pure ice will reduce the aftertaste of your drinks such as whiskey.
The PMT Tank
The size of the PMT pressure bucket is only 4.1*4.1*7.3 inches, which will save you space under the cabinet and allow for more storage. The large volume of 1L can guarantee continuous and smooth ice output and the ice will always be uniform.

What is water pressure tank?

The water pressure tank has a design that fits beneath a sink, and the hydropneumatic pressure tank also fits in line with a reverse osmosis system. Additionally, the reverse osmosis tank is for storage; it collects water that the reverse osmosis membrane gradually purifies. Because the reverse osmosis filtration process is slow, water pushes through the semipermeable membrane, a drop at a time. Nevertheless, water accumulates in the tank, allowing you to get immediate access to plenty of water whenever you pour yourself a glass.

Can I connect tankless reverse osmosis system to refrigerator/icemaker?

Yes. The under-counter reverse osmosis system is plumbed to an independent faucet, drain, and an incoming cold water line. It would be best to consider pressure when connecting your RO system to your refrigerator because the RO unit’s pressure is about two-thirds of the incoming line pressure.
Fortunately, the pressure tank eliminates problems with water pulse because of inconsistent pressure; This comes in handy when you’re using the refrigerator with other appliances over a long distance, which may cause a delay in filtered water production.

How to install the reverse osmosis tank?

The manual contains straightforward instructions on the reverse osmosis tank installation. Out of the box, the tank has a ¼” quick-connect design. You can complete the installation by cutting off the RO system’s water outlet tubing and inserting both ends of the tubing into the tank.

How do water storage tanks work?

Water storage tanks deliver water to a dedicated faucet above your sink from the tank, using air pressure. The tanks are hydropneumatic; therefore, they hold water and pressurized air. Furthermore, hydropneumatic storage tanks swiftly deliver pressurized water when necessary without needing a booster pump.

Do I need a tank for tankless reverse osmosis?

If you experience problems with delayed water dispensing or unstable water flow, you need the reverse osmosis tank. Furthermore, the tank prolongs the using distance of an RO system if you want to connect the system to your refrigerator or ice maker.

What size small water tank do I need?

This small water tank has dimensions of 4.1×4.1×7.3 inches.

How many gallons is a RO tank?

This tank’s volume is 0.26 gallons.
Small Water Pressure Tank WD-PMT
Compatible with:
Waterdrop tankless reverse osmosis system: G3P800, G3, D6, G2P600, D4, G2MNR, G2
Small Water Pressure Tank WD-PMT
Complete Accessories Pack
Complete Accessories Pack
You will get complete accessories together with the small water pressure tank. There’s no need to purchase components separately, saving your effort.
Perfect Compatibility For Multiple RO Systems
There’re fewer limits on usage with special design. Work perfectly with all tankless reverse osmosis systems with 1/4” water tubing.
Perfect Compatibility For Multiple RO Systems
Smaller Size, Large Capacity
Smaller Size, Large Capacity
Require a small space, thanks to the compact design. In addition, the 1L capacity ensures an even and faster dispense of ice cubes.
Food-Grade Safe Materials
Using only 100% BPA-free, food-grade, sustainable, and recyclable materials, this pressure water tank is safe for use. It is certified durable, having passed static pressure tests.
Food-Grade Safe Materials
Good Partner For Tankless RO System
Good Partner For Tankless RO System
Resolve pulse problem when connect reverse osmosis system to refrigerator or other appliances in long distance. It improves water flow with no decay.
* The suitable distance between tank and RO system is up to 16 feet.