WD-PF-AL (4898076852306)
WD-PF-AL (4898076852306)
WD-PF-AL (4898076852306)
WD-PF-AL (4898076852306)

Replacement filters for Waterdrop pitchers and dispensers | Alkaline Water

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  • Key Feature
    • Waterdrop alkaline water pitcher filter adds beneficial minerals to your water to regulate its pH balance. Drinking alkaline water in moderation can correct the unhealthy high levels of acid in the body.
    • The 8-stage water pitcher filter technology reduces fluoride, chlorine, and heavy metals. Asides from removing impurities, it naturally adds potassium, calcium, strontium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, and other beneficial minerals to your water.
    • The alkaline water pitcher filter combines selected materials with advanced ACF (activated carbon fiber) technology, which effectively adsorbs organic matters and contaminants in water. The application of the latest Japanese technology in this filter also guarantees a high quality and stellar user experience.
    • Extended lifespan: This alkaline filter will deliver over 3 months or 100 gallons of alkaline water.
    • Fast flow: The high flow rate of this filter can reach to 0.5 gpm.
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Model Number
Filter Life
100 gallons
Flow Rate
0.2-0.5 gpm

Advantages and Effects of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water explained.

The tag “alkaline” in alkaline water represents the pH level of the water. By pH, we mean the acidic or alkaline level of a substance, measured on a scale of 0 to 14. Values lower than 7 on the pH scale indicate acidity, while values higher than 7 indicate alkalinity.
It is essential to state here that the substantial alkalinity in water goes beyond the pH value.

How to get alkaline water?

There are a few ways out there. Use an ionizer machine, baking soda or shop an alkaline water purifier.If you have a low budget, it’s recommended to choose the alkaline water filter pitcher. As it can help remove bad taste and odor from your tap water. Besides, it contains natural mineral materials that regulate the pH balance in your body.

The right time to drink alkaline water

Drinking alkaline water helps achieve and maintain a healthy alkaline diet and lifestyle. However, if you want to get the best out of alkaline water, you must drink it at the right time. Here are some tips to show you the best times for alkaline water consumption.

First thing in the morning

We have always heard health experts recommend a glass of water as your first drink of the day. Drinking sufficient water in the morning – when the system is empty – increases its rate of absorption. It is even better if the water is alkaline. It replenishes the water you have lost while sleeping for the past few hours.

Before taking medications

A glass of alkaline water before taking your medications will activate your system in preparation for the medicines.

Before and after your workouts

When you drink water before you start exercising, it increases your oxygen level and prepares the body for the physical task ahead. When you are done, drink more alkaline water to make up for the lost electrolytes. You will find that you recover faster from the exercise, and your body gets into shape quicker.

Do water filters make alkaline?

Household water filter system can remove impurities such as chlorine, sand, rust, bad taste and odor, and sometimes make water more alkaline. Please carefully look through the product features and specifications before purchasing.

What does Waterdrop alkaline water filter do?

Waterdrop alkaline filter replacement tests your drinking water to eliminate as many impurities as possible. It can remove fluoride, chlorine, bad taste, and odor. It is also very effective against heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, iron, copper, and mercury. Asides from removing impurities, the filter naturally adds potassium, calcium, strontium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, and other beneficial minerals to your water.

What is alkaline water?

Water (chemical formula: H₂O) is an inorganic substance composed of hydrogen and oxygen molecules. It is a colorless, odorless, transparent liquid under normal temperature and pressure. The commonly used tap water generally has a neutral pH (PH=7). But other soluble substances in water, such as the different minerals dissolved in natural mineral water, will make its pH value different. Water becomes alkaline only when the pH is above 7.0.

Are alkaline water filters safe?

You should check the filter materials and certification of any filter to ascertain its safety. A safe alkaline filter replacement should be NSF372 certified for lead-free and BPA-free materials.

When should you drink alkaline water?

Start your day with a cup of alkaline water from your alkaline water purifier to get your body in the perfect shape for the rest of the day.
Prime your body by drinking your alkaline water before, during, and even after your workout.

What pH water should we drink?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends that the pH level of water sources should be between 6.5 and 8.5 on a scale of 0 to 14.
Extended service life
Extended service life
Provides up to 3 months or 100 gallons of pure and safe water for you and your loved ones. Long service life help eliminate the trouble of frequently changing filter cartridges.
Pitcher filter that regulates the pH balance in your body.
The pH levels of alkaline water is higher than that of regular bottled water, making it ideal for reducing the acidity levels in your body.
Pitcher filter that regulates the pH balance in your body.
Pitcher filter that is safe for use.
Pitcher filter that is safe for use.
This countertop water filter pitcher is made of high-grade BPA-free plastic and premium materials to ensure safe usage, better water taste, and improved user experience.
Pitcher filter with multiple uses
You can drink the filtered water directly or add it to your coffee maker for a more delightful aroma. This alkaline filter for pitcher offers healthy water for almost all situations.
Pitcher filter with multiple uses
Invest in sustainability, lasting clean water, and improved health for child and their families.