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Waterdrop was founded in 2015 with the wish to provide people around the world with trustworthy water purification solutions and high-quality water filter systems for home to truly purify drinking water. We have more than 200 water filter systems with over 100 patents from multiple countries with full certifications of NSF, CSA, WQA, UPC, WARS, UL, FCC, etc.Within 5 years, Waterdrop had helped more than 35 million families from 26 countries to get pure and healthy water.
Waterdrop is a world top water purifier company, with more than 200 water purification products which are fully certified by NSF, WQA, UL, FCC, etc. Within 5 years, we had helped more than 35 million families from 26 countries to get pure and healthy water.
If you looking for the cooperation with a top water purifier brand, then welcome to join Waterdrop family as a distributor!
Products for Distributors
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Reverse Osmosis Water Filters
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Refrigerator Water Filters
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Countertop Water Filters
wholesale reverse osmosis systems for distributor
Under Sink Water Filters
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Outdoor Water Filters
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Whole House Water Filters
Multiple Usage Scenarios
water purifier manufacturer for kichen
Whole house like kitchen, restroom, etc.
water purifier manufacturer for office
Office complexes
water purifier manufacturer for coffee shop
Light commercial areas like café and restaurants
water purifier manufacturer for RV
Travelling like RV and marine
Advantages of being Waterdrop distributors
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Best price to get the same products
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Get new products before anyone else
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Rebate program to get reward
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Free training and tech support
How to become Waterdrop distributor
  • Must have legal registered business and sales certification
  • Must provide service of installation and technical support
  • Ability to stock in warehouse
  • At least $10,000 for first order, $20,000 from 2nd order
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How to become Waterdrop distributor
How does a distributor work?
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