Waterdrop WD-WHF21-FG Whole House Water Filter, GAC and Iron Manganese Reducing Filter Cartridge
Waterdrop WD-WHF21-FG Whole House Water Filter, GAC and Iron Manganese Reducing Filter Cartridge
Waterdrop WD-WHF21-FG Whole House Water Filter, GAC and Iron Manganese Reducing Filter Cartridge
Waterdrop WD-WHF21-FG Whole House Water Filter, GAC and Iron Manganese Reducing Filter Cartridge

Waterdrop WD-WHF21-FG Whole House Water Filter, GAC and Iron Manganese Reducing Filter Cartridge

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  • Key Feature
    • [Perfect compatibility] This product works flawlessly with HD-950A, WH-HD200-C, WGB21B, WD-WHF21-PG, WD-WHF21-FG and other systems using 10” x 4.5” filters.
    • [Efficient filtration] This filter provides an excellent four-stage filtration performance by combining GAC filters and iron and manganese-reducing filters. Every contaminant larger than 5 microns are efficiently removed. It effectively reduces up to 99.3% manganese, 96.8% manganese, and 97% chlorine, as well as rust and other impurities that contribute to foul taste and odor.
    • [Safe materials] The coconut shell, which is the filter material in the GAC filter, efficiently reduces foul odor and taste in tap water, leaving you with great-tasting and pure drinking water.
    • [Extended lifespan] You can get up to six months of top filtration performance from this filter. Now you can save more by avoiding frequent replacements.
    • [Added protection for water appliances] By ensuring that no harmful contaminant ends up in the filtered water, the filter prevents rusting and ensures your water-related appliances last longer.
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Waterdrop WD-WHF21-FG Whole House Water Filter, GAC and Iron Manganese Reducing Filter Cartridge

Regular price $69.99
Sale price $69.99 Regular price
10” * 4.5”
Filtration accuracy
5 microns
Working termperature
Working pressure
25~90 psi
Filter capacity
GAC filter: up to 6 months
PP filter: 3-6 months
Professional For Reducing Iron And Manganese
The human body needs iron and manganese as trace elements. Fortunately, they are present in drinking water, but sometimes in excess. Excessive intake of iron and manganese is harmful to the body as chronic liver poisoning and other conditions. With the upgraded filtration tech in this chlorine, iron, and manganese reducing filter, you get rid of the basic impurities, as well as chlorine, manganese, and iron in your water.
Super Filtering Effect With Five-Stage
The 5-stage filtration process combines iron and manganese reducing filter with GAC filter to reduce sediments and particles larger than 5 microns. In terms of performance, it is 99.3% efficient against iron, 96.8% against manganese, and 97% against chlorine. It also removes rust and other impurities. In addition, the coconut shell in the GAC filter effectively reduces bad odor and taste, ensuring your filtered water is odorless and tastes better.
Natural Improvement Of Your Water Taste
The natural coconut shell in the GAC filter is an effective filter material that reduces the foul taste and odor, leaving you with great-tasting filtered water.
More Filter Materials For Deeper Purification
Unlike other brands, this product adopts 50% more manganese sand filter material to reduce manganese and iron ions. Here is an excellent first line of defense for you and your family.
Save Money Save Effort
The innovative technology in this Waterdrop filter ensures you get a longer filter life and a better filtration performance. The manganese sand filter and GAC filter offer six months of filtration performance before they are due for a replacement. This means you do not have to replace the filter frequently. You are spending just $0.15 daily to get safe drinking water in terms of expenses.
Strong Protection For Your Water Appliances
You can count on this whole house water filter to protect all your water appliances from rust and other impurities that may cause clogging. So your shower, washing machine, dishwasher, and water heater will serve you for longer.
Effortless DIY Installation
Installing this filter is a simple DIY process that takes just a few minutes. You only have to insert the filter into the housing and tighten it with the wrench (included in the box). You can check the guide for visual instructions.
Up To 15GPM Stable Water Flow
A 15 GPM water flow is stable enough to serve every faucet in your home. So everyone can get pure, drinking water anywhere without a pressure drop.

How often should a whole house carbon filter be changed?

The whole house water filter guarantees a long lifespan. The GAC filter should be changed every six months, while the PP filter should be changed every 3-6 months.

Does whole house water purifier work?

The WD-WF10-FG whole house water filter effectively intercepts large particles, such as sand and rust. It features a longer lifespan, saving you potential replacement cost. You can enjoy clean, safe water for a long time at an affordable price while saving costs. This whole house water filter also protects your water-related appliances and prolongs their lifespan. By reducing particles at the first line, it further prevents potential clog and accumulation of rust in the water filter system. In the end, you spend way less on maintenance.

How do you maintain a whole house water filter?

Cleaning the inside of your whole house water filter frequently and thoroughly is important to avoid a build-up of minerals, contaminants or dirt in the filter. Try not to use any harsh cleaning products and gently rinse the system with warm water. And regularly replace the filter.

Why removal of iron and manganese is necessary?

Iron and manganese in water promote the growth of bacteria (including iron bacteria). These organisms obtain energy for growth from the chemical reaction that occurs when iron and manganese mix with dissolved oxygen. If we drink the water contains iron and manganese for a long time, it will cause harm to our body. So, it is necessary for us to use the whole house water filter to remove these elements in water.