Waterdrop TDS Water Quality Test Meter

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  • Key Feature
    • Accuracy: The stainless-steel sensor accurately measures the TDS value of your water without any magnetic field interference.
    • Readable: View your readout on the easy-to-read screen within seconds. The Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) ensures water temperature does not impact readout.
    • Multipurpose: With a measurement range of 0-9999 PPM, you can test the TDS value of your tap water, aquarium, pool, spa, or any other water source.
    • Auto shut-off: The Waterdrop TDS meter features a power-saving mode that shuts off the sensor automatically after 3 minutes without operation.
    • Ultra safe: Our lead-free and BPA-free design ensures no secondary pollution touch your filtered water.
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Waterdrop TDS Water Quality Test Meter

Regular price $11.99
Sale price $11.99 Regular price
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What is a TDS meter?

Usually hand-held, a TDS water meter is a device designed to measure the Total Dissolved Solids present in a solution, for instance, water. It does this by measuring the solution's conductivity (water) because the minerals and salts in the water contribute to its conductivity and ultimately determine the TDS from the conductivity readings.

Why should you measure TDS?

You need to know your TDS value to choose the right Salt-free Water Conditioner for your home, which protects your pipes and plumbing and minimizes the stains and spots on water fixtures and appliances.

Why water filtration?

Water filtration reduces the dissolved contaminants in water to improve the taste and make it healthy for drinking. Waterdrop RO water purifiers use a selective filtration process to filter out impurities in your tap water with the help of a reverse osmosis membrane. The tiny pores in the RO membrane prevent molecules bigger than 0.0001 microns from passing, including the dissolved metal and salt molecules. In the end, only the water molecules pass through to become pure drinking water. If you worry about the real TDS value, Waterdrop also have the TDS meter for you. You can purchase one in reasonable price but get accurate result of the TDS value.

What is TDS in water?

TDS means Total Dissolved Solids in water - an estimation of the total concentration of dissolved substances present in water at any point. These substances include both organic matter (in small amounts) and inorganic salts. Inorganic salts in water include cations (positively charged ions) like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium and anions (negatively charged ions) like sulfates, chlorides, bicarbonates, nitrates, and carbonates.

What is a Waterdrop TDS meter used for?

The Waterdrop TDS water meter helps to identify the Total Dissolved Solids in a solution like water. It does this by measuring the solution's conductivity, considering that ionized minerals, salts, and solids contribute to increased conductivity.

What happens if we drink high TDS water?

When the TDS count of water is high, it affects the water's aesthetics, including the taste profile, scent, and even color. Asides from that, high TDS levels in water leave lasting cosmetic effects on human health. They may signify the presence of sediment-heavy or corrosive water that degrades home's technical components.

What does the Waterdrop TDS water tester test?

The Waterdrop water quality tester's measuring range is 0-9999 PPM, making it the ideal tool to test the TDS value of water. From tap water to spa, pool, or aquarium water, this water tester will tell you the TDS value of any water source. You can also use it to test filtered water from RO systems or other purifiers to estimate filtration levels.

Which TDS is best for drinking water?

According to the rating of the palatability of drinking water by a team of panels, a 300 mg/liter TDS indicates excellent drinking water, 300-600 mg/liter indicates good drinking water, while 600-900 indicates fair drinking water. TDS value of 900-1200 mg/liter indicates poor water, and anything higher than 1200 mg/liter means the water is unacceptable for drinking.

What does TDS not measure?

A TDS meter does not measure contaminants or the purity levels of your water. The TDS water tester may sometimes spike due to calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other healthy minerals in the water. So, if you have a water filter with a remineralizer, you will have a converse result from your TDS meter. TDS contaminants also do not measure or detect heavy metals like lead and other contaminants like hexavalent chromium, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides.

Why should you measure total dissolved solids?

TDS, among other things, affects the quality of water, and by extension, your health and home plumbing system. It also affects other household tasks like cleaning and cooking. Knowing the TDS level of your water helps determine its quality and its impacts on your daily life. You quickly know if you have a water quality issue and look for the best way to solve them if present.

Is low TDS water harmful?

No, it is not harmful. In reality, water with a low TDS value indicates high-quality, although with a possible flat taste due to the absence of minerals.

How can I measure my water TDS at home?

You can measure your household water TDS using three methods – electronic water meter, filter paper and water quality test kit. The digital water tester is the easiest option – it requires no technical knowledge to get your water's TDS value. The Waterdrop digital TDS meter can be used by inserting it into the water at a 45-degree angle, with the screen displaying the TDS value of the water in question.
Sensitive Probe
The sensitive stainless-steel probe avoids any magnetic field interference to accurately indicated your water's TDS value.
Food-grade Material
Food-grade materials used in the probe and housing prevent any secondary pollution of your drinking water.
Easy to Use
Press the power button and insert the tester into water. The TDS readout will appear on the display screen within 3 seconds.
Light and Portable
The TDS tester is compact and easy to carry. Its net weight is 26g, and its size is equivalent to a toothbrush. You can put it in your pocket and test the water whenever you need.
Modern Design
Waterdrop TDS meter features simple but stylish appearance. The exquisite design ensures high accuracy.