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Top 10 Advice for New Parents

Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated October 22, 2023
Welcome to the amazing journey of becoming a parent! You will learn more about yourself from this adventure than you could have imagined. You are fostering the development of a confident, independent adult, not just a small, helpless human. It is a remarkable achievement that deserves praise in the truest sense!
Your ability to remain calm under pressure will be tested, especially during the first few years, and your heart will swell with a love you did not know existed. Parenting is an honoring but occasionally undervalued job. Babies don’t come with instructions, so we have gathered helpful advice to help you as you welcome this new stage of life.

Tip 1: Prepare for the Trip

Many parents compare their first year of parenthood to a rollercoaster ride, which is a correct comparison in every way. Being a parent will have its ups and downs, just like a roller coaster. You might experience mood swings where you laugh one second and cry the next. There will be times when you succeed and feel like a superhero, only to find yourself looking up parenting advice online the next second. You might even grieve the disappearance of your pre-parent identity during it all. Be prepared for the highs and lows, the changes may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry; you’ll soon find your footing on this amazing journey.

Tip 2: Stick to the Choices You’ve Made as a Parent

You’ll undoubtedly receive an abundance of well-intended advice as a new parent, especially from family and friends. It’s crucial to keep in mind that these recommendations are made out of love and concern. You shouldn’t feel compelled to take every piece of advice given to you, though. In the end, only you can make decisions for your child because you are the one who knows him best.
a child drinking water

Tip 3: What You Really Need for Your Newborn

Let’s talk about essentials for newborns, and here’s a little secret: they don’t need a lot of stuff. But every new parent should think about stocking up on a few necessities from the moment they bring their baby home from the hospital.

A System for Temperature-Controlled Water Filtration

The temperature of drinking water must be strictly monitored when taking care of a baby. Because of this, having a water filtration system in your home that can control the water’s temperature is crucial. In addition to ensuring the baby’s health, having access to filtered water has a significant positive impact on everyone’s health at home. So, buying a water filtration system is not only a necessity but also a convenience.
waterdrop A1 water filter
The newly released Waterdrop A1 Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser may be the best option for new parents looking for a dependable water filtration system. If you are looking for the best gifts for new parents, this water dispenser can be your first choice.

All-in-one Water Dispenser for Your Home

Families looking for easy access to water at various temperatures will appreciate this hot and cold-water dispenser. It has passed the SGS testing and received NSF 372 certification for lead-free materials. Here is the ideal answer to all your needs for healthy water.

Six Stages of Filtering

Over 1,000 impurities, including PFAS, iron, radium, calcium, nitrate, chloride, fluoride, lead, chromium, arsenic, and large particles, are effectively removed by the dispenser’s 0.0001 μm RO membrane. The double water tanks are also efficiently sterilized by the UV-LED light system, ensuring that the water is always clean and healthy. This data comes from a third-party laboratory.

Multiple Temperature Choices

This water dispenser has a premium cooling compressor similar to those found in refrigerators, which allows it to deliver water that is as cold as 41°F. Because of its wide temperature adjustment range of 41°F to 203°F, it’s also a great option for brewing coffee, tea, or other beverages. To meet your water needs and preferences, there are six preset temperatures and five standard cup volumes to choose from. These temperatures are ice-cold, room temperature, 113°F, 140°F, 185°F, and 203°F.
making formula

Smart OLED Display Screen

With the help of its intelligent touch keys and LED screen, this device offers a user-friendly experience by quickly showing water quality, volume, temperature, and filter life. Additionally, a night mode, an off-home mode, and an altitude mode are included in the practical user experience. For homes or offices, the night mode is the best low-noise and energy-efficient operating mode.

Installation-free, Plug-and-Play Design

This dispenser can be installed without any plumbing or drilling. It needs only be turned on before it is usable. It can be positioned in any indoor area, including the living room, bedroom, office, or kitchen. It saves water due to the high pure-to-drain ratio of 2:1 and the distinct feed water and wastewater designs, which guarantee effective purification and avoid repeated filtration. In the end, this increases the RO membrane’s lifespan.
waterdrop A1 water dispenser

Dependable and Secure

A three-color ambient light setup on the countertop water dispenser shows various water temperatures and always indicates the operational temperature, even at night. Additionally, there is a child lock feature that effectively shields children from accidental operation and potential safety risks like scalding.

A Swaddle with a Zipper or Velcro

For infants, swaddling is a notable change. Swaddling is much simpler, and your child will stay comfortable and safe if you choose swaddles with Velcro or zipper closures.

A Secure Sleep Space

Purchase a special, secure sleeping region to accommodate your infant. Make sure it complies with safety requirements and offers a suitable place for your newborn to rest, whether it’s a bassinet, crib, or play yard.


Both babies and parents can benefit from pacifiers. They provide consolation and can calm your child. However, bear in mind that not all infants enjoy pacifiers, so it’s important to see whether your child enjoys them.

Tip 4: Determine Your Limits

Although parents are incredibly talented, it’s important to keep in mind that we are all only human. Recognize your positive and negative attributes. The key is to be aware of your limitations. Know when it is appropriate to ask for help or advice. Likewise, recognize when you need to back up. It can be beneficial to give yourself a brief “time-out” in order to take a much-needed break.

Tip 5: When Your Baby Is Sleeping, Put Sleep First

Here’s some wise counsel: don’t waste your baby’s precious naptime on activities you can complete when they are awake. Cleaning and laundry can wait until your baby is awake, but you can’t get any sleep while they are wide-eyed. Take advantage of their naptime by using it to get some much-needed rest yourself.
a baby with a pacifier in mouth

Tip 6: All Infants Cry

Undoubtedly, welcoming a new baby into the world is a joyful occasion, but it’s normal for parents to occasionally feel anxious or doubt themselves. This is especially true if your baby cries more than you expected. Long-term fussiness can make you lose faith in yourself and make you wonder if your own worries or frustrations are causing your baby’s tears.
But it’s important to keep in mind that infants are just infants. Your adorable child is not upset with you or crying because of you. The first few months of life, or what some people refer to as the “fourth trimester”, are crucial for human infants who are born prematurely to feel safe and secure. Every baby cries and soothing those tears can be unexpectedly difficult. Both you and your child are learning as you go along.

Tip 7: Bond with Your Baby by Touching, Conversing, and Playing with Them

There are numerous ways for new parents to strengthen their emotional connection to their children. Talking, making eye contact, and skin-to-skin contact are the three main ways to establish an initial bond. Talking, breastfeeding, holding or cradling your baby in your arms, giving them a back rub, and attending to their needs all help your child become more accustomed to you while also promoting brain development.
a couple with a baby

Tip 8: Avoid Making Comparisons

The developmental milestones of your child are crucial. They describe the various skills your child is learning. Each child, however, develops these abilities at a different rate.
Comparing your baby to other babies is detrimental to both you and your child. If your child hasn’t reached a milestone that others have, you start to worry when you compare. Your baby might end up being forced to do something for which they are not yet ready.

Tip 9: Foster a Successful Relationship

You and your partner must make time for one another even though you are now in charge of another life. The strong bond that brought your child into the world can be strained if you neglect your relationship. The addition of a child will highlight any existing problems in your relationship. While taking care of the newborn requires attention, maintaining your identity as a couple is equally important.

Tip 10: Adequately Calm Your Baby

It takes time, empathy, and a gentle touch to calm a baby. First, try to pinpoint the source of the infant’s discomfort and promptly attend to any needs. The soothing sensation of being in the womb can be imitated by gently rocking or swaying the baby while holding him/her close. Another way to relax is to sing softly or play soothing music. Comfort measures include offering the baby a pacifier or letting them nurse.


For new parents, parenting can be difficult because you worry about providing the best routine and care for your baby. But keep in mind that the time for caring for newborns will soon pass. So let me wish you a happy parenting experience!


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