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Zero TDS 10-cup Pitcher Water Filter PT-08B

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Key Feature

  • Maxblue 10-cup water filter pitcher uses creative filtration technology that provides you with 0-TDS water.
  • The 6-stage filtration system can effectively reduce fluoride, chlorine, odor, heavy metals, and other contaminants in water. It can also prevent limescale from building up, providing you with a pure and healthy drinking experience.
  • All of the materials that Maxblue water filter jug uses are BPA-free and lead-free.
  • Maxblue adopts an advanced design with a gravity induction indicator in the pitcher system. It comes with an LED light that reminds you about your filter status.
  • The water filter jug pitcher comes with a large 10-cup capacity, yet still fits in the side doors of most fridges. The touch-free spout lid design also makes it easier to use.
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Zero TDS 10-cup Pitcher Water Filter PT-08B

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Zero TDS 10-cup Pitcher Water Filter PT-08B

Replacement filter model
Filter capacity
1 month
9.9 x 5.2 x 10 inches
Flow rate
0.05 gpm / 0.2 lpm
41-100℉ / 5-38℃

How to choose a good drinking water filter jug?

Water pitcher with filters have become a preferable choice on many family’s countertop. They’re cost-effective, portable, and easy to maintain. Whether at home or in the office, your water filter pitcher will always deliver pure-tasting water.
Water pitcher jug for drinking water on the market differs in their capacity, size, color, and filter materials. Here are some guidelines to help you pick a suitable pitcher from the tons of options available.
1. Harmful contaminants removal
Most countertop water filter pitchers are designed to improve only the taste and odor of water, but Maxblue can do more. It reduces TDS – a feature that makes it superior to other products. However, the filter should be replaced once a month to achieve higher TDS removal rate and get rid of fishy & acidic taste.
2. Pitcher material
You can find the materials used in making the pitcher on the instruction manual. Only buy products with clear information on the manufacturing materials, because the toxic substances (if present) will seriously affect your health and overall safety. We recommend that you purchase BPA-free and lead-free materials.
3. Pitcher capacity
If you need a drinking water filter jug not only for yourself but also for the whole family use, please check the pitcher capacity and flow rate carefully.
A pitcher with a larger capacity guarantees more filtered water. A higher flow rate is necessary to reduce the time you wait for the pitcher to filter the water. You do not want to spend valuable minutes at your countertop waiting on a pitcher.
4. Size and maintenance
Prioritize products with a durable design. The durability must extend to all areas – the reservoirs, handle, lid, and even the jug. Watch out for the fit – a pitcher whose components are not 100% fit will cause leakage and waste water.
You should also consider how easy it is to detach the filter for replacement. If possible, get a countertop water filter pitcher with an auto-open lid – it will make refiling easier.
We recommend that you clean your pitcher once a week. This will eliminate any possible growth of harmful substance that may contaminate the filtered water. This is why you should get a water pitcher with a durable yet simple design that allows you access to every corner during cleaning.
You can ensure a product meets all these criteria by reading the product features carefully before placing the order.

What does zero TDS mean?

“TDS” stands for “total dissolved solids”. It refers to any organic matter or inorganic salts that have dissolved in a water system. Maxblue 0 TDS water filter jug can efficiently reduce TDS, bad taste and odor in your water.

What is a good water filter jug?

If you are worried about drinking water safety, then please consider to invest in a countertop water filter pitcher to enjoy pure-tasting water. There are many kinds of water pitchers on the market. If you have a large household to hydrate, our 10-cup water filter pitcher would be your top choice. Moreover, most water pitchers on the market cannot reduce TDS; however, we adopt 0-TDS technology to deeply purify your water by removing TDS.

Is it healthy to drink tap water or filtered water?

Many of pipes in your area were laid in the early to mid-20th century with a lifespan over 50 years. There are a large number of impurities such as fluorine, chlorine, limescale and rust in the water. Filtered water prevents these contaminants before it turns into a health problem.

Is the water filter jug safe?

Yes, Maxblue 10-cup water filter pitcher uses BPA-free and lead-free materials.

What are the advantages of zero TDS water filter jug?

The zero TDS water filter jug can reduce all the TDS in water. Maxblue water pitcher jug for drinking water adopts 6-stage filtration technology including ion-exchange resin, filter foam, two layers of activated carbon fibers and two pp membranes to effectively reduce TDS.

How long does a water filter last?

One month. Most water pitchers cannot reduce TDS, but Maxblue can! To ensure the TDS removal rate and provide fresh-tasting water, this filter adopts double food-grade ion exchange resin and two layers of activated carbon fibers. Unlike common resin, it not only softens water but also reduces heavy metals and other pollutants. Therefore, to achieve strong removal performance, our countertop water pitcher filter has a relatively short service life.

How do I change the filter cartridge on the water filter jug?

Open the package and take out the filter. Tighten the filter from the bottom of the reservoir to ensure complete sealing. Put the reservoir and filter into the pitcher. Then fill the reservoir with cold tap water. Press the button on the top cover for three seconds to activate the indicator.

How about water filter jug reviews?

Water pitcher with filter is one of the most cost-effective products for removing contaminants from your water. Maxblue has received many positive reviews from our customers because of our advanced TDS filtration technology that can be comparable to RO tech at a cost-effective price.
Abundant Filter Materials
  • Two layers of activated carbon fiber made of natural coconut shell reduce bad taste and odor.
  • Ultrasafe food-grade resins effectively reduce TDS.
Abundant Filter Materials
Great Material & Good Effect
Great Material & Good Effect
  • One-month filter life offers full assurance in TDS removal and fishy taste reduction.
  • Maxblue changes the way of water pitcher on the market.
3 Indication Modes
  • Good
  • Blue light stays on for 5 seconds
  • Replace Soon
  • Red light flashes 6 times
  • Replace Now
  • Red light stays on for 5 seconds
3 Indication Modes
  • The water filter jug is designed to reach maximum customer satisfaction. The touch free spout lid design prevents any possible infection after filling the pitcher.
  • Dustproof top cover protects your pitcher from dust and splashing water. The V-shaped spout ensures that the pitcher will flow smoothly and not leaking.
  • Worry about the cleaning? Your job can be easier with this easy-to-clean pitcher. The wide mouth makes cleaning the pitcher an absolutely easy task,
  • Maxblue countertop water filter pitcher uses BPA-free and lead-free materials, ensuring you a safe water purification experience.
  • The water pitcher comes with a large 10-cup capacity to meet the average family need. It still fits in the side door of most fridges. Enjoy cold and fresh water at any time.

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