Ultra Filtration Long-Lasting Water Faucet Filtration System

  • 320 gallons long-lasting; 0.1micron ultra-filtration (UF) membrane; 99% removal of chlorine, taste and odor; removal of heavy metals
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Key Feature

  • NSF 42 certified to reduce chlorine, taste and odor.
  • NSF 372 certified to provide every customer with a worry-free drinking experience, using lead-free material.
  • 320-gallon long-lasting filter to meet your needs.
  • Removal of heavy metals like lead and fluoride.
  • Efficient filtration due to innovative material.
  • Quick switch between filtered water and tap water.

Ultra Filtration Long-Lasting Water Faucet Filtration System

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Ultra Filtration Long-Lasting Water Faucet Filtration System

NSF 42 & 372 Certified
Item model number
Product dimensions
8.2 x 7.2 x 2.9 inches
Item weight
1.1 pounds
Do not fit the following faucets
Our products fit standard faucets. They do not fit pull-out, hand-held, spray-style faucets or faucets with sensors.
Downward length is less than 0.59"
Diameter of external threads is > 0.89" or < 0.81"
Diameter of external threads is > 0.93" or < 0.77 "
Spray-style faucets
Irregular faucets
Faucets with interior aerator
This is definitely the best choice for people who want to buy an effective sink filter water faucet. This NSF-certified tap water filter faucet comes with an activated carbon fiber to achieve more efficient filtration. No doubt it is one of the best water purifiers for sink. The faucet filter water purifier can remove chlorine, fluoride, lead, and many other contaminants, thereby delivering cleaner and better-tasting drinking water.
Waterdrop faucet filtration system is NSF 42 certified to remove harmful substances such as 94.5% of chlorine, taste and odor, etc. The standard filtered water is absent of color, taste and odor. So it is a must to reduce chlorine from taping water, as it is the main reason for the bad taste and odor. Fluoride and chlorine are generally used in reducing bacteria, viruses in water and thus eliminate waterborne diseases. This is especially used in local water supply. They bring about certain benefits, but drinking disinfectant is always not that comfortable and…rightful. And it does cause some problems. When chlorine is used as a water treatment, it mixes with organic matter to form byproduct compounds called Trihalomethanes (THMs), which is toxic and may lead to colon and rectal, bladder cancer if people are exposed to high level of THMs. Thus, water filters for faucets specializes in reducing fluoride, offering safer and refreshing water for you and your family. And our water filtration system faucet employs carbon filtration to adsorb chlorine without leaving any negative impacts.
It is also NSF 372 certified for lead-free material. Lead is a toxic chemical substance coming from the pipes in each and every American household. Drinking lead-tainted water can do damage to human body. Once absorbed, lead will be stored in our bones as a continual internal exposure, and it will be released gradually as our bones demineralize. People may end up in possible health risks like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases. Children under age 3 is extremely vulnerable to it, as it may cause learning abilities. Luckily, our water filter for faucets is NSF 372 certified for lead-free material, effectively cutting off lead exposure from root.
Our drinking water faucet will solve the problems for you. It reduces the unwanted impurities, but at the same time, retains the essential minerals and nutrition necessary for human body. Pre-sediment filtration layer in the filter faucet filters sand, rust, suspended solids and other small particulate matters. And the post- filtration layer will further remove sand, rust, suspended solids and other small particulate matters. At last, the end- filtration stainless steel mesh will reduce the remaining intercepts larger particles.
Besides, the prolonged filter lifespan makes it a flagship in this industry. It provides 320 gallons of water or 3 months for an average household. This performance is 2 times longer than most faucet filters and much better than Brita and Pur filter faucet. It is environmentally friendly because it can replace 2,000 plastic bottles of water. And it is cost-effective because it can save you money and time on buying more water tap filters. This is a perfect faucet water filter for kitchen sink! Choose our water faucet to have a good time in the kitchen! This is the best water filter.
Abnormally slow water flow.
Please check the indicator to determine whether it’s time to change the filter cartridge. If yes, replace the cartridge immediately. If not, try the following steps to solve the problem:
Option 1:
  • Remove and shake the filter to shift the granules inside.
Option 2:
  • Remove the filter. Flush it under running water for about 30 seconds to remove the blockage in the filter’s exit point.
  • After flushing, shake the filter horizontally. Then return the filter to the pitcher.
Why does the water taste bad?
The product is unclean or the filter cartridge has not been properly installed. It could also be time to change the filter cartridge. Clean the pitcher and install the cartridge correctly or replace the filter cartridge.
There are fine particles on the surface of the filter cartridge in the filtered water. Why?
Fine particles are part of the filter material. During long-distance transportation, they may leak out due to shaking or for other reasons. These particles are safe, but to correct the issue, take the following steps. Soak the filter in cold water for 10 minutes, then flush the filter twice. After this procedure is complete, the pitcher can be used normally.
For faucets in both kitchens and bathrooms.
Meeting the different needs of users.
Suitable faucets
Before your purchase, screw aerator and check the faucet type.
Male threaded housing
M24 (15/16") M21.5
M20.5 (13/16") M18.5
Female threaded housing
M22 (55/64") M18.5
Offers powerful multi-stage filtration
Pre-sediment filter layer Removes sand and rust
High-precision filter layer Removes sediment and suspended material
Japanese activated carbon fiber (ACF) filter layer Removes chlorine, taste, odor, silt, clay, and colloid
Japanese ultra-filtration (UF) membrane filter layer Removes contaminants and bacteria
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Customer Reviews
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Filter Reviews:
Poor mounting point design, but otherwise no issues

I chose this Waterdrop product mostly because of the advertised long filter life of 320 gallon. Others we've had in the past (Pur, Culligan, Brita) only have a 100 gallon life. I installed it in the upstairs bathroom and now we have easy access to fresh, filtered water without having to run downstairs to the kitchen and (and possibly wait) for the Brita pitcher.Installation was straightforward, but somewhat annoying due to the poor collar design. The threads on the faucet adapter are very shallow, and having to finagle the mounting nut on top of it before ******** it into the underside of my faucet proved to be frustrating. My Moen has a curved spout and it was difficult to get good alignment. The adapter is so short that it requires a special key to tighten. Before doing that though, be sure to use the included teflon tape and wrap some around the threads to prevent leakage.Once installed, everything worked fine. I like that the filter changes my water shape into multiple streams coming out of the faucet. My original aerator was a single stream.The filter can be left mounted or right mounted (canister cover is reversible). I only experienced some minor leakage if in filter mode and the water is at full pressure. I probably needed more tape, but I'm willing to live with it. I do not want to uninstall it and try again.

Amazing flow rate

Comes with a ton of adapters so you might need to look at the instruction papers. Works very well. The flow of filtered water is tremendous compared to any other filter I have seen. Taste is good. The only quirk is that you must push the button to switch back and forth to filtered or unfiltered, it does not automatically revert to unfiltered like some other brands. A very small price to pay for such an increase in flow.

Great Filter

I really like this filter. The aerator puts out a strong stream in both the normal and filtered mode. It does filter out most impurities and I don't have spots on my dishes. However, it is recommended that you don't run hot water through the filter and it doesn't have an indicator for when the filter cartridge needs to be changed. Other than those two things, I would definitely buy it again.

Durability is missing.

This I'm works very well for its intended purpose. The water has a clean taste, much as you get with bottled water. I have been happy with the product on that category. However. There have two issues. First the washer would not seal completely and the faucets would drip. I reached out to Waterdrop cs and they quickly sent a replacement that resolved the problem. Now the piece that attaches to the faucet (where the washer sits) has ripped. I say ripped because the part is plastic. This I'm would be great if it were made if metal. It is the section where the filter connects to the faucet piece. Guess what, yep, drip drip drip. I have yet to contact cs. But I will and will update my review. I have only for five months! 5 MONTHS, that is not a good track record. I purchased extra filters having "assumed" this product was good for years to come. So far not the case. I would say look no further but can't. At this time, I recommend passing this particular product up.

Love it

Really good product. Super easy to install

Waterdrop Ultra Filtration Long-Lasting Water Faucet Filtration System Review
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