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Waterdrop RO System

An easier way to

filter and purify
your drinking water

with revolutionary reverse osmosis technology

Enjoy the purified water you deserve

The ground-breaking reverse osmosis design of our Waterdrop RO system ensures that
you get quick access to cleaner, healthier purified water.
Integrated filter
Smart faucet with real-time water quality display
Innovative tankless design
Water quality TDS monitoring panel
400 GPD flow rate
Filter life tracing display

Taste the quality
in every drop of water

Integrated filter design for optimal filtration.
Patented fast-connection supports easy filter replacement without extra tools.
Filter replacement in only three seconds.
First PP cotton layerRemoves sand, rust, particulates, suspended substances, and nematodes.
Premium carbon block filterRemoves chlorine taste and odor, fluorine, limescale, and lead.
Second PP cotton layerFilters additional impurities and delivers clean water to the next layer.
Three layers RO membraneRemoves 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, TDS, and heavy metals (arsenic, mercury, cadmium, etc).
Post activated carbon block layerEnsures that tap water filtered by Waterdrop RO system tastes perfect.
Innovative 400 GPD high flow rate filters 8X faster than traditional RO systems

1: 1 drain ratio guarantees optimal water purity

No storage tank
No secondary pollution
Get fresh water quickly

Three-dimensional integration
waterway prevents leaks

Passed 300+ water quality tests with flying colors.
3D integrated waterway vs.
traditional 40 + connector RO system.
Compact product size with no risk of leakage.

System specs and water quality
── at a glance

Smart faucet with real-time water quality display.
Filter life tracing
TDS water quality
monitoring panel
Avoid bacterial build-up and pollution

Innovative tankless design

Cleaner • Faster • Safer • Easier • Smarter

Redefine the way you enjoy
purified water