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Distributor Program

Stay ahead, get rewarded

Dropship Program

Less stock, less stress

Become part of the water purification industry by joining our distribution or dropship program. You will have access to more than 200 water purification products, as well as more than 100 patents from multiple countries. Waterdrop has devoted time and money to R&D to upgrade technology, improve quality, and satisfy customer needs. The ability to identify local and global trends and convert these into meaningful innovations drives our company to move forward. Meanwhile, if you prefer to cooperate with us in another way, simply drop down to the bottom of the page (or click here) and fill up the form, we will reach you out shortly.
  • Competitive price for the same product
  • Rebate program that offers rewards
  • Free training and tech support
  • Get new products before anyone else

What are the advantages to become
Waterdrop distributor?

Competitive price for
the same products

Your quote will be much lower than the retail price. The more products you purchase, the lower the price will be.

Get new products
before anyone else

You can get the latest information about our new products before anyone else, and order directly from us if you are interested in them.

Rebate program
that offers rewards

You will get an additional reward once the deals have exceeded a certain amount. The more deals you make, the more benefits you can get.

Free training
and tech support

We provide all the information you need, such as product information, high-quality product photos, different sales modes, technical support, marketing tools, etc. We will give you the better service.

How does distributor program work?

Step 1

Fill out the distributor application form on our website.

Step 2

We will review the application and support documents (such as a sales tax permit) that you provided.

Step 3

Once we approve your application, Waterdrop’s sales manager will contact you for more details, including price and shipping.

Step 4

You will sign a brand statement and return it to us. A six-month trial will start.

Step 5

You place orders from us via email and we will arrange for the bulk order shipping.

Step 6

After six months, we will evaluate our collaboration and then sign an official contract based upon mutual trust and understanding.

  • Less capital needed
  • Easy to get started
  • No inventory needed
  • Worry-free shipment handling

What are the advantages of
being a Waterdrop dropshipper?

Competitive price for
the same products

You don’t need to purchase a large amount of Waterdrop products at once, which means you don’t need a lot of cash flow.

No inventory needed

You pay only when you have orders, so you don’t have to worry about inventory issues.

Easy to get started

You can join our distributorship in just a few simple steps. Apply online and get an authorization letter; then you can sell our products to your customers.

Worry-free shipment handling

Once an order is placed in your online shop, it is automatically imported into our system. Then we send the products to your customers; shipping is free.

How does the dropship program work?

Step 1

You market our products to your customers.

Step 2

Your customers order the products from you.

Step 3

You can set up the retail price.

Step 4

You place the order with us and we dropship the item.

Step 5

We ship the order to your customer and email you the tracking number.

Step 6

Your customer receives the order.

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If you are interested in our products, please kindly fill the form below, we will contact you as soon as possible.