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Water is life, treat it right

Know Your Water Better
“Our professional team is here to provide your own water report. Once you clicked the button and filled in the necessary information, you will receive it through Email within 48 hours.”
Nowadays,drinking purified healthy water has become almost everyone’s right. And this is indeed very important. The water quality is not satisfying as we have seen too much data collected by many companies and organizations. According to those water quality reports, the tap water we are now using contains many contaminants that may lead to many health risks including cancer. The researchers have been testing water in each area in the U.S, and find out that the amount of lead, arsenic, chlorine and uranium are most likely to be exceedingly high. We have also conducted water testing by our own R&D team in order to explore the mystery of the drinking water quality and thereby providing you with the water filtration that fits you best. We also acknowledge and appreciate your concern about the drinking water in your place, and this is why we are here to present you with our water data. The water report we give you can tell you about the detailed information about the water utility, and will also list some water treatment suggestions below. We are drinking water every single day, which lays a huge impact on our health. Even though most of us drink legal water, but legal doesn’t equal to safe. What we promise to give you is healthy and safe water. We would like to say that we care about water health as much as caring about your health. And our job here is to reduce the impurities you need to reduce to below the maximum contaminant level possible. Now let’s go into details about the health risks and other negative impacts caused by drinking unhealthy water. First of all, let’s talk about the inorganic contaminants in water. Fluoride coming from fluorine, is naturally found in water and soil. It is also applied in municipal water supply because studies show that by adding a certain amount of this element into water in areas where the level of fluoride is low, it can effectively reduce the incidence of tooth decay. However, excessive exposure to it can be a possible cause for dental and skeletal fluorosis. Marble bone disease is a result of fluoride deposition in bone tissue(fluorosis). It may lead to bone disorder resembling osteopetrosis. Chlorine is another chemical element we suggest you to remove from your taping water, because this is the main reason why water has an unpleasant taste and odor. One standard for purified water is absent of color, taste and odor. Unfortunately, it can not be avoided, because it comes with the bleach used in water to reduce bacteria and fungus. But filters with NSF 42 can remove the amount of chlorine. Arsenic comes with natural deposits in the earth or from industrial and agricultural pollution. And arsenic exposure can result in hyperkeratosis. Boiling or heating water cannot remove arsenic; instead, the arsenic concentrations may increase slightly during this process. Reverse osmosis system, ultra-filtration and ion exchange are the solutions to solve this problem. Lead is one of the toxic metals most commonly seen on the exceeding amount data sheet. This is due to the water pipelines all American households are currently using. Drinking lead-tainted water may cause many problems. Once absorbed, this toxic metal will be stored in our bones as a continual internal exposure, waiting to be released as our bones demineralize. This may result in people getting possible health risks like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases. Children under age 3 is extremely vulnerable to its toxic effects, as it may cause permanent damage to brain and nervous system. For example, it may affect their learning ability. A severe lead-poisoning can lead to vomiting, coma, and even death. The adverse effects of mercury are rather similar to those of lead, as there are harms to the brain and nervous system, to fetal growth and child development, and to the immune system. Uranium can lead to kidney damage, leading to inflammation and changes in urine composition. And if drinking water with a high concentration of uranium in a long time, people may have higher possibility of getting cancer. Of course, we should also take long-term harms into consideration because, well, life is long, right? Cadmium has been linked to kidney toxicity, bone damage, cancer, and damage to developing fetuses. Cadmium can do harm to kidney and lead to behavior change. Hexavalent chromium leads to liver diseases and is harmful to the reproductive system. The second category is organic contaminants. One is BPA. BPA exposure may cause possible health effects on brain, blood pressure and prostate gland of fetuses. And it is especially danger for infants and children, for it may affect their learning ability. This is why BPA-free material is often seen in child products and we decide to apply it to make our water pitcher without a second thought. You can see a BPA-free label on our package. But make sure it stays out of heat, as its one tiny downside is that the heat may break it down gradually and BPA will be leached into foods. Biological contaminants are often referred to as microbes or microbiological contaminants. Examples of this kind of impurity include bacteria, viruses, protozoan, and parasites. Legionella is a waterborne bacterium and it can be a health risk if aerosolized and inhaled, causing legionnaires disease. Enteroviruses are small viruses living in the intestines of infected humans, and it can result in gastrointestinal illness. A long-term exposure to microbes can lead to weak immune system, meaning you may experience symptoms of cold and flu more often than average people. Giardia parasites is also living in the intestine inside infected human, which often come from well water, particularly if the wells are shallow. You can enjoy lots of benefits of healthy filtered water. Slightly alkaline water can tone your skin and help with pigmentation. Protect you and your family member from those potential health damages by using the right water filtration. Waterdrop will be gladly to help you free from the trouble of searching for water quality in your area and also, we have a wide range of water treatment solutions that can meet your various need. So just lay your trust on us and we will give you healthy, safe and great-tasting water.