Spin Down Sediment Filter by Waterdrop
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Spin Down Sediment Filter

  • Effectively removes rust, sediment, suspended matter, parasites and other impurities.


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Key Feature

  • Your first line of defense - Removes rust, dirt, sand and large particles.
  • Build tough - Selected material passed multi-level testing with BPA-free.
  • Easy installation - It's designed to fit 4 types of water tubes.
  • Ensure water pressure level - Enioy up to 20GPM of water flow without worrying about throttling pressure levels.
  • No stress maintenance - Regular rushing extends the lifespan of the filter.

Spin Down Sediment Filter

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Spin Down Sediment Filter

Item model number
Working pressure
14.5-72 psi/ 0.1-0.5 Mpa
Operating temperature
Feed water recommendation
Multiple tap water or centralized water supply
Flow rate
20 GPM
What is a spin-down filer?
A spin-down filter is really geared to capture large particulate, thins like sand, rust chunks from a decomposing well. It’s really geared and designed to do what we call the heavy lifting. Not like a real fine micron sediment filter. A spin- down is really designed to get big chunks, big debris and sand.
Does the product affects water flow rate?
This water filter ensures a steady stream of tap water in your household, allowing you to enjoy up to 20 GPM (gallons per minute) of water flow. Install it without worrying about throttling pressure level of your home’s water supply.
316L Molybdenum Alloy Filter
316L Molybdenum Alloy Filter
  • Removes sediment
  • Removes rust
  • Removes dirt
  • Removes sand and large particles
Selected Material
  • 1. German-made PA12 shell
  • 2. Passed
  • 100,000 cycle pressure tests
  • 600PSI hydrostatic test
Enjoy up to 20 GPM of the water flow
Enjoy Up to
20 GPM
of water Flow
  • Ensure a steady stream of tap water and will not throttle pressure level of your home’s water supply.
Easy Installation
  • Takes just a few minutes to install and is designed to fit 4 types of water tubes.
Easy Installation
No Stress Maintenance
No Stress Maintenance
  • Regular rushing every 10-15 days to trap impurities without dismantle all your tubes and pipes.
Whole House Protection
  • Keep impurities from reaching your home’s water supply and extend the lifespan of home appliance and filter.
Whole house protection
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