Under sink Ultrafiltration Water Filter system - Waterdrop TSU-B
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Ultrafiltration Under Sink Water Filter System Waterdrop TSU-B

  • WD-TSU-B, 0.01μm Ultrafiltration Membrane, 3-Stage Filtration, Smart Panel, No Waste Water


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Key Feature

  • [0.01 μm Ultra Filtration Membrane] The 0.01-micron uf membrane of this ultra-filtration undersink purification system decreases chlorine and effectively adsorbs lead, fluoride, heavy metals, VOCs, and much more. This system is not created for TDS removal.
  • [Integrated Waterway] Waterdrop ultra-filtration undersink filtration system adopts the cutting edge integrated waterway to stop water leak, which permits you to replace the filters without cutting off the water and generates prime-quality purified water with absolutely no waste-water.
  • [Smart Indicating System] Smart indicating system permits you to inspect water quality as well as working mode with a glimpse. The electronic indicators on the front panel will certainly alert you when to change the filters by altering the color.
  • [Easy Installation] Waterdrop ultra-filtration undersink filtration system is a cutting-edge, all-in-one intelligent water filtration system. In just a few minutes, the ultrafiltration inline filtration system can be installed completely.
  • [Model] Same as WD-TSU-W, but in a different color.

Ultrafiltration Under Sink Water Filter System Waterdrop TSU-B

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Ultrafiltration Under Sink Water Filter System Waterdrop TSU-B

Model number
Replacement Filter
Power Specification
4.5V AA battery * 3
System Size (L*W*H)
14.81” * 4.68” * 13.97”
Feed Water Temperature
41-100 °F / 5-38 °C
Feed Water Pressure
14.5-87 psi / 0.1-0.6 MPa
Waterdrop Under-Sink Ultra Filtration System attains excellent purification performance. The innovative filter design enables the system to decrease contaminants while preserving beneficial minerals, supplying much healthier and much safer water for you as well as your loved ones. With the premium Waterdrop ultrafiltration membrane layer, the system provides excellent filtration efficiency. With a pore size of 0.01 micron, the ultrafiltration membrane can reduce hazardous substances. Aside from the PP filter for big contamination elimination, the carbon block filter improves taste and smell, ensuring tasty, safe drinking water. The system does not need an undersink electrical energy supply, which means you do not need to worry about your power supply under the kitchen cabinet. For that reason, you can consume clean and safe water even in emergency situations like a power blackout. Unlike other water filtering systems that create a great deal of wastewater, this ultra-filtration water filter system creates prime-quality purified water with absolutely no wastewater.

What is the rated input water pressure of the ultrafiltration water filter system?

The input pressure is rated for 14.5-87 psi / 0.1-0.6 MPa.

What is the feed water temperature of this ultra-filtration undersink filtration system?

This ultra-filtration undersink filtration system requires feed water temperature of 41-100℉/ 5-38℃.

How to install the ultra-filtration undersink filtration system?

Step 1: Install the feed water adapter.
Step 2: Install the faucet.
Step 3: Install the batteries and place the system.
Step 4: Connect tubing.
Step 5: Start up the system.
You can get a detailed instruction and a user manual on the product page. It’s suggested to search and watch the “How to install Waterdrop ultrafiltration system” on YouTube.

What size of the hole do I need to drill for the faucet of this ultrafiltration system?

It's suggested to drill a hole of 1". You could also use the reserved hole for the soap dispenser on your countertop to install this faucet directly if there is one.
Besides, a sticker is out of box, which could be used as a reference while drilling the hole.

How often do I need to change the filter?

The PP filter has a 6-month lifespan; the UF filter has a 24-month lifespan, and the CT filter has a 12-month lifespan. This ultrafiltration water system has smart filter life indicators on the panel that will remind you to replace the filter.

What is the warranty for this ultra-filtration undersink filtration system?

This model comes with a 1-year warranty, and by registering it online, you can get an extra year of warranty. Please refer to your user manual to complete the registration.

Does the ultra-filtration undersink filtration system produce waste-water?

Contrasted to various other water filtration systems that create a lot of waste-water, Waterdrop ultrafiltration inline purification system produces optimal cleansed water with zero drainage. Waterdrop recognizes how beneficial water in the fresh tank is, and we are committed to providing clean water that is socially equitable, environmentally sustainable, and also financially helpful.

Does the ultrafiltration undersink water filter system require a wall plug?

The ultrafiltration water system does not require an undersink electricity supply, which indicates you do not need to bother with your power supply under the kitchen cabinet. The only thing you need is 3 4.5 V AA batteries. As a result, you can consume clean and also risk-free purified water even in emergencies like a power blackout.

Do I need plumbing services to install the system?

No. Waterdrop ultrafiltration inline filtration system is developed for DIY installation. You can set up the system in thirty minutes. Just refer to the instruction manual and instructional video clips, or call us by e-mail, phone, or live chat.

What does this ultra-filtration undersink filtration system reduce?

This 0.01-micron ultrafiltration membrane can reduce harmful compounds larger than 0.01-micron., including chlorine, odor, and also effectively adsorb lead, chloramine, fluoride, heavy metals, VOCs. Besides, this system is not designed for TDS elimination, It will certainly maintain minerals such as potassium, calcium, salt, and also magnesium, which are beneficial for your health and wellness.

How does ultrafiltration membrane work?

UF membrane uses standard home water stress to press water via a semipermeable membrane and also reduce any type of impurities. Unlike reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration preserves minerals in the water, while filtering out microorganisms, viruses, as well as parasites.

What is the difference between filtration and ultrafiltration?

The main distinction between filtration and ultrafiltration is the pore dimension of the membrane layer. With each various filtration procedure, a range of elements are either obstructed or travel through with the water. The 0.01-micron uf membrane of Waterdrop ultra-filtration undersink filtration system minimizes chlorine and also effectively adsorbs lead, chloramine, fluoride, heavy metals, VOCs, and far more.

What are the differences between this ultrafiltration system(TSU) and the dual carbon system(TSC)?

The main difference between TSC and TSU are:
Filtration accuracy: TSU 0.01μm / TSC 0.5μm
Different filter: TSC: 3 filters, PP+CS+CT / TSU: 3 filters, PP+UF+CT
The TSU can reduce the bacteria from the source water while the TSC cannot.

What is the difference between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis?

The ultrafiltration water filter system uses a hollow fiber membrane to reduce solid particles as well as microscopic contaminants. Ultrafiltration is a filter system, while reverse osmosis is a process where molecules are divided. Waterdrop also provides a reverse osmosis water filter system if you need it.
Superior Ultrafiltration Membrane
Waterdrop ultrafiltration membrane can reduce harmful substances with the 0.01 micron pore size. Any contaminant larger than 0.01 micron are intercepted by this membrane, including bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. Therefore, you get the optimal filtration performance.
Extended Filter Life
The system performs with an extended service life of 24 months with advanced filter design. This reduces the frequency of filter replacements and saves on maintenance costs.
Water Quality And Working Mode With A Glance
The electronic indicators on the front panel will notify you when to replace the filters by changing the color, ensuring safe, clean, and healthy purified water all day long!
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