1 Year Lifetime WD-G2CF Filter for Waterdrop WD-G2 Series Reverse Osmosis System

  • Replacement for WD-G2 series reverse osmosis filtration system
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Key Feature

  • The 2-in-1 composite filter uses a natural activated carbon block and a sediment PP membrane.
  • Reduces chlorine, taste and odor, organics, sand, rust, particulates, suspended solids, and other impurities.
  • Provides you with 12 months or 1,100 gallons of clean filtered water.
  • You can replace the filter in 3 seconds with a single twist. No tools are required.

1 Year Lifetime WD-G2CF Filter for Waterdrop WD-G2 Series Reverse Osmosis System

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1 Year Lifetime WD-G2CF Filter for Waterdrop WD-G2 Series Reverse Osmosis System

Item model number
Flow rate
0.28 GPM
Product dimensions
(diameter * height):
4.9*8.1 inches
PP cotton, Activated carbon block
Item weight
2.43 pounds
Included components
CF filter
Why does the filtered water taste weird?
1) The filter is about to expire. Check the indicator reminder to confirm if it is about to expire. If so, replace it.
2) The system hasn’t been used for a long time. Turn on the faucet, and allow it to flush for a while before drinking.
What will happen if I do not change my filter when the filter life indicator light turns red?
Overused filters will degrade the filtration performance, causing contaminants to leak back into the water and affecting your health. It’s recommended to replace the filter if the filter life indicator light turns red.
Why is the filter life indicator still red after changing the filter?
You may have forgotten to reset the filter life indicator. Please reset the filter according to relevant installation instructions.
Natural coconut carbon block
  • The CF carbon block made from Sri Lankan coconut shell removes the unpleasant taste and odor to meet the purified water standard.
Natural coconut carbon block
1st filter Service life
1st filter Service life
  • Provides up to 12 months or 1,100 gallons of clean water for you and your family, based on your water conditions.
Easy set-up
  • Install the filter in 30 minutes.
  • Replace the filter in 3 seconds.
  • No need to call for a plumber.
Easy filter set-up
Water smile project
Water smile project
  • At Waterdrop, we want to use Water4Smile as a platform to promote water stewardship and hopefully trigger wider industry action to make a change. We want first to achieve the vision of “Water for All.” - equal access to clean, safe and healthy drinking water for the whole society. Then raise awareness of sustainable uses of water. To reach this goal, we will continue putting effort and resources into our R&D division, and use innovation to bring fresh water that is socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial.
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Filter Reviews:
easy to install so much better than the cartridge cannisters

took 2 seconds to install

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis was an excellent choice - this is one of the reasons

Installed the Waterdrop RO a year ago, time for first cleaner replacement. It took me longer to read the replacement instructions than to actually do the replacement. The RO unit has been great - produces RO water on demand, no waiting for a holding tank to refill, will give clean water as long as the valve is on. Unlike with other units you don't have to turn off or disconnect anything. Remove the old filter, install the new one with a twist of the wrist. Reset the system (press a button for 5 seconds, choose the filter you're replacing, press the button 5 more seconds) and open the valve for 5 minutes to flush the unit. Done! Replacement cost about the same as with other systems, but the elimination of the hassle is an even bigger bonus.

oscar t.
Easy install

I love these filters, with our old system my husband would do the replacing which meant waiting days and weeks for him to do it, but with this I did it hassle free.

Arrived on time

I have not had to install this unit yet, but the other filter was easy to install and appears to work as described

E. Hogan
Compared to Gravity Fed Bladder.

It took lesser spaces, light indicator when change filters, easy filter replacement.

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