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Introducing the Upgraded Waterdrop Rewards Program 2023

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated November 08, 2023
Since its launch in 2015, Waterdrop has aimed to provide individuals and families worldwide with high-quality water purification products. The brand ensures users can easily purify their drinking water with reliable purification solutions. As a brand name, Waterdrop originates from the desire to provide clean, safe, healthy, and satisfying drinking water with every sip and drop.

What Is Waterdrop Referral Program?

The goal of the Waterdrop referral program was to provide users with a mutually beneficial partnership. Therefore, it is designed to allow existing users access to unique opportunities to improve their personal experience while contributing significantly to the development of our community.
The simple design of the referral program makes it easy to navigate and highly rewarding. Each user gets a personalized referral link that can be shared through common communication channels like direct messaging, email, and social media. The user-friendly dashboard also provides progress reports of your referrals, ensuring maximum transparency.
sharing with friends

The Development of the Waterdrop Referral Program

The Waterdrop Referral Program was officially launched in July 2022 and has attracted over 5,000 users to take part. The program has recorded an impressive 5% increase in sharing rate, with 37% of the referred friends taking advantage of the referral coupon to enjoy massive product discounts.
The referral program recording a successful first year has encouraged us to consider an upgrade and provide users with even better service and exciting benefits. To this effect, our team rolled out questionnaires and interviews tailored to help us learn more about the views of our customers on how to make this better. Based on this feedback and additional findings, the brand has decided to upgrade the program to the next level by integrating our referral program with the rewards program.
Our new referral program launched grandly in June 2023. It is designed to provide participants with an even more rewarding experience. As an upgrade to the former arrangement, the new referral program comes with a quarterly incentive system that rewards the top three users that excel in sharing and referrals with extra gift cards.
quarterly top referrers announcement
So, in addition to taking advantage of the benefits of the referral program, you also stand a chance to earn rewards for your outstanding efforts. Moreover, the continuous availability of clean and safe drinking water ensures that your and your family’s health remains protected at all times.

The New Referral Program Rules

We have made thoughtful changes to our reward system in the new referral program. For example, discount coupons have been replaced with reward points. You now earn specific reward points for participating in our referral program. We credit these points to your account within 30 days after your referred friend has successfully placed an order using your referral link.
Inviting your friends and families to use your personalized referral link to order products has many benefits for them and you. For example, they can get up to $70 of $400 orders and access other benefits from ongoing promotions on the website without using the coupon. But that is not the best part. You also get reward points when your friends make purchases using your unique link during these promotions.
a referred friend sharing his experience
Apart from the appealing price benefits and rewards points, the most important is the significant improvement in the water quality of your home. Ensuring the consumption of safe and clean water is crucial for maintaining health, especially for the more vulnerable family members such as children and the elderly. With your family’s wellness as our priority, the moment is ripe to become a part of our program!

What Are Rewards Points?

What can you do with these rewards points? Well, you can do a lot. You can redeem 1,000 points for $3 with no restrictions whatsoever on the use. For instance, if you have 12,000 loyalty points in your purse, you can redeem all of them for a whopping $36, which can then go into your next order. So, the more loyalty points you amass, the more money it translates to.
a referrer sharing his thoughts
If you are not yet a member of the Waterdrop community, now is the best time to join. Start your journey by clicking here to register. You will be assigned a unique referral link after a successful registration. And voila! You are now a member of the Waterdrop community and can now be part of the exciting benefits and rewards of the membership.

Final Thoughts

We are continuing to enhance our rewards mechanism to provide our customers with an even better shopping experience. Being a member of Waterdrop, you will stay informed in time about the latest updates. Our new referral program brings many exciting opportunities for everyone involved. It will allow us to build stronger connections with you as one of our valued users.
However, the success of this journey of mutual benefit rests considerably on your participation. We appreciate your everyday support of the Waterdrop brand. Now, we are counting to make positive impacts that will favorably shape the future of our community. Let’s do more!


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